Friday, March 31, 2006




da new fiat punto...

The third generation Punto, codenamed Project 199 and officially titled Grande Punto, was unveiled at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show and went on sale later that year. Again styled by Giugiaro, the car is based on the Fiat/GM "Small" platform (a new version of GM Gamma platform).

The engines are the 1.2 Fire 8v, a new 1.4 Fire 8v and four Multijet Diesel: two 1.3 16v units (one with a geometric variable turbo 90 hp) and two 1.9 JTD Multijets with 120 and 130cv. The top-of-the-range GT version will be powered by a turbocharged 1.6 engine developing 180-200 hp.

The Grande Punto is the latest Punto to be launched, designed by the Giugiaro Design Centre. It comes with a range of engines both petrol and diesel options, including Fiat MultiJet Technology. All the engines used in the Grande Punto are Euro 4 compliant and available with anti-particulate filter.

The 1.3 16v MultiJet 75 bhp, 1.3 16v MultiJet 90 bhp, 1.9 8v MultiJet 120 bhp and 1.9 8v MultiJet 130 bhp engines are all available from Fiat as diesel options, and 1.2 8v Fire 65bhp and 1.4 8v Fire 77 bhp as petrol alternatives.

The Grande Punto has a Euro NCAP 5 star safety certification for passenger protection and Euro NCAP 3 star certification for pedestrian safety .

* now doesn't its head reminds you of the design of maserati ??

Thursday, March 30, 2006

wa si hokkien lang

wa si hokkien lang
hokkien lang suka jia mi
tapi wa suka jia peng
wa hua ang sek ei iswara
wa kia ler bayu putri
wa hua chia ki zuk gang
wa bo ai hua chia liao
chia yu tai guei liao...wo heng bei lui liao
wa gong jin zuai wei...gong bei teng...

ohhh...bei gi ki...
lu si sia mi lang??


i'm counting down...another 10 days to my last day...minus my 4 days of i suppose on the 14th of April, i will be kissing TSI bye bye...(11th is a public holiday...yippie!)

somehow, i've lost the passion to do things...i spent lotsa lotsa time researching and surfing in the office...what irritates me is that i have a shitty account with me...the entire project started last year, and was dragged for almost half a year...we shouldn't have proposed a full flash website...looking at the rate that they are paying us...she's a weird one...making way tooooooo many changes...finally...the project is about to come to an end...she's suddenly engaged a copywriter to change all the texts on the usual...she kept on changing the writeups the copywriter wrote...i don't know when is this whole thing gonna end...but one thing i know for sure that it really sucks...i can't do anything about it coz apparently,she's a very close friend of one of my boss...all i can do is just sit down and wait...

i've spent lotsa time studying about javascript and actionscript...hoping that it will help me in my coming job (haven't got one)'s rather interesting i must say..i'm pretty much fascinated by the similiarity of javascript and made my process of learning easier...downloaded a full pile of i can test it out one by one while i'm jobless :)
i'm right up to creating an image gallery using javascript now...
* cracking head...trying to figure out

in the meantime...i'm writing my resume...( not really started yet ) as usual...the internet is always my inspiration to do anything...found some good samples online...i don't know wether should i be writing a CV from certain forum...they would suggest that a thorough resume is enough...i'm still wondering...well...anyways...that wouldn't due that soon...i'll be hanging around for maybe like a month...until i'm bored...take some wedding jobs...or maybe even working at starbucks or coffeebean...just to ensure i have some money flowing i wouldn't die of hunger...

met up with a wedding planner yesterday night, she's got us hooked up with 2 wedding jobs, one on september, the other one october, so basically, kok weng will be doing the october job, and i will be doing the september job, i have another job confirm on 21st of May, and another one pending on the 24th of June, just praying hard that i will get a wedding job every month...going to armadale later, hopefully they will hook me up with one or two next month...hehe
* anyone need a wedding photographer?you can email me at or call me at +6012-2069207 for more details...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

my heart is singing...i can't stop's been singing this song the whole day...despite the fact that i'm listening to my's still singing...


i wanna call the stars
down from the sky
i wanna live a day
that never dies
i wanna change the world
only for you
all of the impossible
i wanna do

i wanna hold you close
under the rain
i wanna kiss your smile
and feel the pain
i know what's beautiful
looking at you
in a world of lies
you are the truth

and baby
everytime you touch me
i'll become a hero
i'll make you safe
no matter where you are
and bring you
everything you ask for
nothing is above me
i'm shinning like a candle in the dark
when you tell me that you love me

i wanna make you
just what i was
show you the loneliness
and what it does
you walked into my life
to stop my tears
everything's easy now
i have you here

in a world without you
i will always hunger
all i need is your love to make me stronger...

Monday, March 27, 2006

a piece of me

i found a piece of myself when i was driving to work today...
a piece where i thought it was long lost and i will never find it again...
it dug out the deepest fear i've always had...
i wound down my window...
trying to throw it out...
but to no avail...

Friday, March 24, 2006


i'm in a cybercafe now..

it's been years since i've last stepped into one, it's really noisy playing LAN games, warcraft, geezzzz, i really missed the time where i used to play starcraft on LAN, i'll skip classes, or i'll sleep in classes,i'll have countless nights without proper sleep, i guessed probably i've overcome that phase of playing games....
or maybe it's just that i don't have broadband connection at home, how to play~~~?????
now my favaorite games are still starcraft, diablo II and NFS, you can say i'm an old fart, but these are classic games that will never be outta date!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

.: joke of my day :.

why do they need like a few million sperms just to get one bloody egg fertilise?

the answer i got here with me is
-- because guys never wanna ask for directions !!! --

* damn funny...heard it on flyfm this morn, i nearly bump into an accident as i was laughing my heads off...

nice day

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

da new civic

Engine type : in-line 4 cylinder
Displacement (cc) : 1799 ( for the 2.0 models )

Horsepower at rpm : 12@6300

Torque (lb.-ft. @ rpm) : 128 @ 4300

Redline (rpm) : 6800
Valve train : 16-Valve SOHC i-VTEC®

Fuel (gal.) : 13.2

Wheelbase (in.) : 104.3

Length (in.) : 174.8

Height (in.) : 53.5

Width (in.) : 68.9


- 3-Point Seat Belts at all Seating Positions

- Driver's and Front Passenger's Seat Belt Reminder

- Front Side Airbags with Passenger
-Side Occupant Position Detection System (OPDS)

- Dual-Stage, Dual-Threshold Front Airbags (SRS)
- Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

- Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD)

- Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
- Outboard Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH)

- Immobilizer Theft-Deterrent System


- Honda Satellite
-Linked Navigation System™ with Voice Recognition

- Cruise Control

- Steering Wheel-Mounted Controls
- Driver's Seat with Manual Height Adjustment

- 350-Watt AM/FM/XM Ready®/CD Premium Audio System with 7 Speakers including Subwoofer

- Speed-Sensitive Volume Control (SVC)
- Fuel and Coolant Temperature Indicators


- One-Touch Power Moonroof with Tilt Feature
- Security System with Remote Entry

- Multi-Reflector Halogen Headlights

- Impact-Absorbing Body
-Colored Bumpers

- Variable Intermittent Windshield Wipers

- Power-Assisted Ventilated Front Disc/Solid Rear Disc Brakes

i'll have to admit..this is the nicest honda car that i will ever appreciate

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


i saw a hummer H2 in hartamas that day..was the same one i saw perviously...with the plate TV3..i wonder is it owned by TV3??well..with this car...even a nissan murano looks small beside practically looks like a tank...smaller version of a tank...i wonder how does it goes up to the multilevel parking of places like midvalley..haha

p/s : just to a reminder for peeps out there..if you're ever driving to University sure to drive a small car like kancil or mini or kelissa...anything long like will be leaving marks on the floor...coz the pathways inside it is soooooooOOOOOoooooo freakin' small

Monday, March 20, 2006

i'm the office...with the pain on my waist...more annoying than ever..i'm a little nervous i'm about to hand in my resignation letter...GOD bless me please...

i've been rotting at home for the past one week...i smell like rotten meat...i have nothing much to do at home..just to lie down on bed...waiting for my days to come...the pain killer made me drowsy...i can sleep for the whole the time i wake's already dawn and dor will be back from work with my dinner...bro bought me brace to wrap around my waist...and it made me feel so uncomfortable...deb say it can make my waist slim..shit...i shall show her my power when i'm fully recovered~

nothing much happened...except for pain...dvds...difficulty to put on my pants...difficulty to get up from bed...difficulty to take off my pants...i need a month to recover..i think the doctor bluffed me...i'm young and strong...shouldn't need that long...

pain~ sitting down for too long...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

i was on a wedding photo shot last taman maluri..everything seems fine that morning...the groom surprised me by driving a honda NSX as the wedding car whereby they've used a 7 series, a s class, a toyota camry and a nissan sentra for the's good to be rich~

i was first placed in the beemer, which made me a little excited over it...yet bad things do happen...i was called out to sit in another car...where the driver turned out to be the one who's gonna make my life miserable for the next few weeks...when we're about to reach the bride's house at taman maluri, the bride's family called to inform that the area ran outta electricity, so we'll have to make rounds until the electricity comes back...we were then rushing for time...before arriving at the bride's house...they've decided to let me down and walk over to the bride's house as they'll have to be behind the groom's car...i don't really remmeber what happen...the only thing that flashes through my memory is that while i was trying to grab my camera bag in the car, with half of my body's still in the car..the idiotic driver decided to stamp on the bloody accelerator...i was so eager to protect my camera, yet totally forgot about protecting my butt hit hard on the floor...then the driver's seat back tyre ran over my right that instant...i can hardly feel the pain..everything was in a mess...i was so anxious about the wedding..i didn't really notice bout the pain...until the morning ended, when i left westin hotel..driving back home...everytime i move my feet..i can feel the intense pain on my lower back...i was a little freaked out...afraid that i might have hurt my spine...bad thoughts came running through me...

i messaged dor about it...when she got back from church with my lunch...i was so hungry...gulping all the food down my throat...yet she was so worried...and we made our way to clinic for x-ray...and all those stupid dumb dumb clinics that we went are not facilitate with x-rays!!!damn...thinking of the nearest and cheapest hospital around there would be university hospital...i had to let my ego down and paid them a visit..surprisingly..the services there isn't as slow as what i had imagine..and the doctors there are not as bad as i x-ray result came out..the orthopedic told me that i've fractured my fifth secrum (some part of my spine), and there's nothing that can be done..the only thing they can do is to provide me with pain killer and a week of MC!!!Hooray!!!

but then, the pain made me think that all this MCing thingy does not worth anything at all...since that day...i've been having problem trying to bend down... trying to sit up...trying to walk properly...trying to squat...everytime the pain attack me..i will start cursing that fucking bastard whom put me into this situation...i hope that he will be in an accident and have the same thing happened to him...fucking good for nothing moronic bastard...i just can't help not to curse him...bro called that bastard up...just wanted to let him know the situation..yet the way he answered is just like we're trying to blackmail him...arghh~~~fuck it aight...i have more fucking money than u probably don't think i will blackmail you for that tiny-winy amount...bloody bastard~~~arghh~~~~~~~

damn..the pain is coming back..i can't sit for hurts everytime i sit down too long...i pray to GOD that he will fall in his toilet and knock his head on the toilet bowl...and his back on the he will not be able to walk for two weeks...good for nothing idiot...

p/s : nobody understands how can this accident occur...i have to explain pretty thoroughly before they can...damn..i will draw a diagram out...then u guys will know how stupid that freakin bastard is...

Thursday, March 09, 2006

finally..kok weng provided me with the images...some more..this dude watermark all his images..cheh...thought i will steal meh??next time any images i give him...i will watermark big big until he can not see the image properly...wahahahahahahahaha~~~

* cough cough..... got choked


i've started collecting liquor bottles since my uni days...i have a bunch of new targets now...the ABSOLUT bottles can always take my breathe away..found some awesone wallpapers from them online..

here to share, just click on the images for a larger version to download.

it's 9.45AM now...
everything seems to be fine...and the smelly collegue of mine doesn't seem to smell today..which is something good...

i'm starting to get a lil' nervous, as tomorrow will be my big day..ehem..not wedding day's the day that i'll be handing in my resignation letter...if my boss ask me why i'm gonna quit...seriously..i have no idea what to tell collegue suggested that i tell him...i can't stand watching him walking around all day while i'm the one trying to squeeze my poor tiny winy brain for ideas...which in fact..i don't think it's a good idea...

there are actually quite many things i need to do after i quit and before i look for a new job...
1. i need to go back to Segamat, lepak a while with my parents...
2. i need to go down to Singapore, visit my dear aunt and cousins...shy to say..but i do miss them
3. i need to get an update for my status in bloody TMnut, wether am i free to apply for a phone-line
4. i need to bug Jaring for the wired broadband, i'm switching to use try it out
5. i need to get a part time there will be money coming in and not goin out all d time
6. i need to get more wedding thicken my portfolio ( come lar..intro me wedding jobs~ )
7. i need to finish my long procrastinated website...sigh~ i'm just useless
8. i need to go on a vacation...a place where i can take stunningly beautiful pictures!
9. i need to do my passport before i go for the trip...
10. i need to fix my faulty HDD...since it's already crash...i shall try my best to fix it...sigh~save my data in it...i will do backups next time...
11. i need to arrange all my files in the PC, it's currently in a freakin' mess now...

alright..i guess that's all i need to is worry that i might be bored after i quit...i doubt so...since i have so many things to do...yippie..can't wait!!!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

my face

i've got a scary face...
people who've seen my face...
will draw back in fear...
for people who doesn't...
they're probably used to it...
and they're just too blind to see...

i will usually wear a mask out...
which look exactly like my own face...
yet with it...nobody will be able to see the real me...
only then...
people will be willing to talk or communicate with me...
i used to stare out of the window...
trying to find myself...
i've walked long distance to find myself...
and forgetting that i'm just here...

i'm not really sure of the reason why i do so...
i've stood in corners...
not caring about what is happening around me...
i've walked out on everyone's sight...
struggling to understand the answers to my questions...
the mystery remains the same...

* actually..i'm not really sure whta m i looking just that i don't know what to write...

Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar Now !!!! ( 9.42AM, 6th March 2006 )

i'm following Oscar Live on the internet now...
i'll be updating my blog every moment... in order to view results..just refresh d page

the awards already given out are :
best supporting actor award - george clooney ( syriana )
best achievement in visual effects - king kong ( dudes are : joe letteri, brian ven't hul, christian rivers, richard taylor

ok~ the rest shall be updated soon~

the awards given out are :
best animated short film - the moon and the son - john canemaker & peggy stern
best animated featured film of the year - wallace & gromit, the curse of the were-rabbit ( steve box & nick park )
best short film ( live action ) - six shooter ( martin mcdonagh
best achievement in costume design - memoirs of geisha ( coleen atwood )

10.04AM now
the award given out is best achievement in make-up - the chronicles of narnia : the lion, the witch and the wardrobe ( howard berger, tami lane )

10.11Am now
best supporting actress - rachel weisz ( the constant gardener )

best achievement in art direction - memoris of geisha ( john myhre, gretchen rau )
best documentary - marche de l'empereur, la ( luc jacquet, yves darondeau )
best documentary ( short subjects ) - a note of triumph, the golden age of norman corwin ( corrine marinnan, eric simonson )

best achievement in music written for motion pictures, original score - brokeback mountain ( gustavo santaolalla )

best achievement in sound - king kong ( christopher boyes, michael simanick, michael hedges, hammond peek )

best achievement in music written for motion picture, original song - hustle & flow ( jordan houston, cedric coleman, paul beauregard )

best sound editing - king kong ( mike hopkins, ethan van der ryn )

best editing - crash ( hughes winborne )

best actor - phillip seymore hoffman ( capote )
best foreign film - tsotsi ( gavin hood, south africa )

best cinematogrphy - memoirs of geisha ( dion bebbe )

best actress - reese witherspoon ( walk the line )

best screenplay originally adapted from any publisher - brokeback mountain ( larry mcmurtry, diana ossana )
best screenplay orignally written for the movie - crash ( paul haggis, robert moresco )

final update
best director - ang lee ( brokeback mountain )
best film of the year - crash ( paul haggis, cathy schulman )

Friday, March 03, 2006

78th Annual Academy Awards - Nominee List

Best Movie
Brokeback Mountain
Good Night & Good Luck

Best Directing
Brokeback Mountain - Ang Lee
Capote - Bennett Miller
Crash -
Paul Haggis
Good Night & Good Luck -
George Clooney
Munich -
Steven Spielberg

Best Actor
Brokeback Mountain - Heath Ledger
Capote - Phillip Seymore Hoffman
Hustle & Flow - Terrence Howard
Walk The Line - Joaquin Phoenix
Good Night & Good Luck - David Straithairn

Best Actress
Mrs Henderson Presents - Judi Dench
Transamerica - Felicity Huffman
Pride & Perjudice - Keira Knightly
North Country - Charlize Theron
Walk The Line - Reese Witherspoon

Best Supporting Actor
Crash - Matt Dilon
Syriana - George Clooney
Brokeback Mountain - Jake Gyllenhaal
Cinderella Man - Paul Giamatti
A History of Violence - William Hurt

Best Supporting Actress
Junebug - Amy Adams
Capote - Catherine Keener
North Country - Frances McDormand
The Constant Gardener - Rachel Weisz
Brokeback Mountain - Michelle Williams

Best Animated Feature
Tim Burton's Corpse Bride
Howl's Moving Castle
Wallace & Gromit in the Cusre of the Were-Rabbit

Best Art Direction
King Kong
The Memoirs of a Geisha
Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire
Good Night & Good Luck
Pride & Perjudice

Best Cinematography
Brokeback Mountain
The Memoirs of a Geisha
Good Night & Good Luck
Batman Returns
The New World

Best Costume Design
The Memoirs of a Geisha
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
Mrs Henderson Presents
Walk The Line
Pride & Prejudice


do ya know what is a fucktart??

let me give u a lesson or two...
fucktarts are basically people who doesn't take undang before they got their driving license or maybe they've taken yet just too ignorant to even bother to remember it...they've probably paid the fucking JPJ some rasuah to ensure they will get their driving license,thus the end result is that we have so many twisted and distorted drivers on the road...

i went car-pooling with kokweng this morning...before arriving at his place, i was turning out from the kelana jaya church, i've given my signal indicating that i will be cutting into the left lane, and i was so bloody damn sure that the signal was given long before i wanted to cut in, there's this fucking BMW, got me's my favourite car...trying to cut out from the most inner left lane..ignoring the fact that he is not allowed to do so...looking at the fact that i have double standard..i was most willing to let that muthafucker do so...but that bastard was like rushing to die..he instantly cut in infront of me without even giving any that moment...i thought he had actually bang on my i gave him a freakin loud honk~~~~~

i think he must've thought he's some kinda punk of something like that...the next thing i know was that he was slowing down...moving back into the lane where he came from, and he stared at me while winding down his window...the traffic was a mess there..and basically..i can't hear what was that bastard trying to say...but i gave him a good shout " FUCK YOU " back...then drove away...i was really hoping that he will kinda trail me to kokweng's house...we can have a good fight and thus i will be able to release whatever tension or stress i have...

so..there goes my good mood in the morning..thanks to u..beemer bastard...whomever you are..may you be lucky enough to bump into a road bully next time where he will beat you to death...and please bless that your body will be dump on the road..while i will be the next car passing the road and drive over you..ooppsss...

ok...back to what's a fucktart...these kinda people...they don't deserve to be human..we can only call them fucktart..and they will fit perfectly well into the name...thanks

p/s : i have too many swearings in this post..pls don't blame me...i have no where else to let it out..pls forgive me

Thursday, March 02, 2006

wedding photojournalist

i got obessed with taking pictures...
in a good way...
it kinda lead me down the road where i can become a freelance wedding photojournalist...
i enjoyed looking at the married couple...
with their happy faces...
life ain't that bad anyway...
and the money is kinda good too...
i only work on weekends...
will do my real job on weekdays...
some dudes thinks that i'm cool being a photographer...
i hate the photographer vest...
i will never wear one...
i hope to establish my business as soon as possible...
so dudes out there...
help me get some wedding jobs...

* did i mention that you will get to see lotsa leng luis during wedding dinners??