Tuesday, September 26, 2006

yesterday was rash's last day
it's sad to see him leave
i'll be all alone in the office every morning now
coz the others will usually come in pretty late
bon voyage~sir~

we had a farewell lunch with him last thursday
bill footed by stuart

Sunday, September 24, 2006

it's not easy...
to be me...

Friday, September 22, 2006

blogger dead for one day...

* resting with legs hanging on the chair

Thursday, September 21, 2006


welcome to the family...

* people cheering on the background
* clap clap claps~

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

i want a monkey
i want curious george

you guys should watch it...
it's the funniest monkey you can ever find in human's history
i'm not being childish
it's really a nice cartoon...
better than most of movies showing now...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

caution warning : this post will make more sense, if you are chinese literate
for those who are not, go home and repent why didn't you learn chinese along the way you grew up...

have you ever wonder why your parents gave you the name that you are having now?
what i meant here is my chinese name ya

i did
what my dad told me was

"actually, not many choices for your name, because ler, the first two words are already fixed,
so basically, all i needed to do was just figure out the last word.... well, since we already had a theme for all the girls's names, all i needed to do was just to find out the right word to match it, our theme was plant... ( ???? ) "

i ended up with this name
i used to hate my name so much when i was a kid
if you chinese literate
you will understand what i mean

saw that?
writing a word like that for a 7 years old kid
is actually very torturing ok?
look at how many strokes it has
16 freaking strokes!!!
that's why
i'll always write the first two words of my name
which ended up me getting lotsa spanking from the teacher
she will then require me to write more of my name...
oh lord..
have mercy of a innocent and helpless kid...

my bro got married last year
so we were actually discussing
of what his children's names will be
as you know
my surname is lim, 林
and according to the family tree
my bro's offspring will be bearing the middle name 良
but my bro thought that it's gonna be a terrible idea to follow
so he can be opened to more options

林老柏 is quite a nice name right?
he said....
i was stunned at that moment
i say why??
here got people put the word old in their names??
he was then laughing like a mad man
then i realise
if you read the name in hokkien
it's pronounciation means your father...
what a terrible dad he can be...

the possibilities are endless...
林老母 means your mother
林水 means drink water
michael lim means stop drinking
林司娃means drink until die
eugene lim means really drink
carmen lim means drink slowly
cole lim means still can drink?

ok lar...
just a few examples...
so parents out there
just becareful when you name your child ya
don't let them end up like me...
hating my own name...

so call me earthkid now
or earthkid da great lagi best...

Monday, September 18, 2006

ikea was freakin crowded yesterday
the parking was practically full
and they don't allow me to park my car in

they told me to make a turn to the curve and parked there
stupid lar this people
how am i gonna bring those bulky furniture that i'm about to buy...
and walk all the way from ikea to the curve's car park?

and my back is playing tricks and me
i'm cursing that guy who causes the injury again~

the crowd in ikea was terrifying
but i can tell you
60% of those dudes there...
are just lepaking
and i think that they have intention
or whatsoever
to buy something
waste all the parking space only
should have chase them out
and let me park my car mah~

i bought a nice chair with fake leather
and dor bought a bookcase
and we were struggling to fit it into my car after that

i wish i can be like superman
then i can ask dor to drive the car back...
i'll be flying home with that 2 bulky furniture
but it wouldn't be bulky then
because i'm superman
and i'm stronger than any living thing on the earth
i think dor don't even need to drive the car back
i might as well fly back with the car on my left arm...

the chair was a good bargain
and i don't think i can find any swivel chairs cheaper than it in ikea
dor's bookcase's was a good bargain too
it's original price was RM165
but after slashing
it's only RM99

and i think
i can be the most terrible carpenter of all times
everytime i try to fix a bookcase, cupboard or any furniture from ikea
i will end up fixing it the other way around
i'm not stupid
but more hassles added coz i'll have to refix it everytime

but oh well...
contented and happy
with a new chair
and a house full of new woody smell~

p/s : new kid on the block today..named eugene
we have 3 eugenes now

Friday, September 15, 2006

i reached home early yesterday
surprisingly with no jam on the LDP
and the LRT wasn't that jam-packed with smelly people
so me and dor decided to treat ourselves to something nice

we went to PJ state for the famous duck rice
the shop is located next to the UOB bank in PJ
if you're wondering where's UOB
it's actually just right behind Public Bank
if you're wondering where's Public Bank
it's actually on the same row of HSBC
if you're wondering where's HSBC
i think you'd better...
get your lazy ass up and go down to PJ state
you can surely see HSBC by the road side
if you can't
then you better don't go eat there

i was talking about duck rice
i'm not particularly a duck rice lover
but this one is no ordinary duck rice
it's like so nice
that i feel like swallowing my tongue with it

the duck meat is nice...
not too hard
coz as you know
if compared with chicken
duck's usually have harder meat
difficult to chew
not suitablt for people above the age 70
and wearing fake teeth ----> what's the term for this ar?

and what's great is the gravy...
if they gimme a bowl of gravy
i can eat it with 3 bowls of rice without the meat
but ah...
can not say like that
people will think that the meat is not good...

you can also order side dishes such as pig's leg, sweet-sour vege, simmered tofu and egg
( mind my english, it's all direct translation )

the price is rather ok
a little more expensive than chicken rice
yet cheaper than those Hong Kong char chan teng range
the food?

we ordered a meal for 2 person
sweet-sour vege
2 simmered eggs
and two suet char
total = RM11.80

it's expensive for me
coz i've been pathetically stuffing myself with RM1 fried mihun every lunch for about 2 months

ok lar
it's alright to pamper myself once in a while
coz sometimes
i felt like i've been working for my camera and lenses
coz every single penny i've earned
will go to my camera fund

life's all about target...
and sadly...
mine is only to own a full-frame dslr

p/s : and oh ya...while enjoying the sumptuos meal
and very friendly pirated dvd seller came by and courtesy of dor, she bought 2 pieces of dvd titled click and the march of the penguins

wanna know more about the movie?
click here

Thursday, September 14, 2006

come..sing with me...shake your booty...
one two one two....

This thing called love I just can't handle it

This thing called love I must get round to it
I ain't ready
Crazy little thing called love

This thing (this thing)
Called love (called love)
It cries (like a baby)
In a cradle all night
It swings (woo woo)
It jives (woo woo)
It shakes all over like a jelly fish
I kinda like it
Crazy little thing called love

There goes my baby
She knows how to rock 'n' roll
She drives me crazy
She gives me hot and cold fever
Then she leaves me in a cool cool sweat

I gotta be cool, relax, get hip
And get on my track's
Take a back seat, hitch-hike
And take a long ride on my motorbike
Until I'm ready
Crazy little thing called love

I gotta be cool, relax, get hip
And get on my track's
Take a back seat (ah hum), hitch-hike (ah hum)
And take a long ride on my motorbike
Until I'm ready (ready Freddie)
Crazy little thing called love

This thing called love I just can't handle it
This thing called love I must get round to it
I ain't ready
Ooh ooh ooh ooh

Crazy little thing called love

* zam and wewe dancing with background music...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

i've been doing some serious blog-jumping today
and beginning to be amazed
by how people can get so famous because of their blogs
some bloggers even got into wikipedia...
and you'd find definition on them...

you can be a bimbo
it doesn't really matter
there are like tons of people out there
that will definitely be very pleased
to appreaciate your bimboness

you can be not good looking...or even ugly
it doesn't really matter
as long as you don't become a cam-whore
and post your bloody picture on your blog

maybe you're gonna tell me that
it's my personal blog
so i can basically write anything i want
and post anything i want

but come on lar
gimme a break ok...
the point of you writing a blog
is to let people read it
so that you can become famous

imagine how good will it feels
when you're walking on the streets
where people recognise you
then you will hear them discussin
"there...there...that guy is the blogger lar...that famous blogger lar.."
yada yada and so
if it's me
i will defintiely feel that i'm slightly a bit taller that day...

ok lar
at the very beginning
i really really thought a blog is supposed to be a personal one
a place for where i can do anything i want
but it was lucky that my bodohness slowly faded
coz now...i won't be that stupid to write something
that might offend those people who will read my blog k..

my point is...
it's kinda lucky to have all these bloggers around
coz i think whenever i'm boring...
i get to read their blogs
so at least i have something to do

ok lar
i'll stop laughing at those bloggers liao
maybe i'm just jealous...
i think i can go continue my job on maxis liao...

pod plays : savage garden's "universe"

i've often believed
life is all about achievements
about what we wants
what we can achieve

it just doesn't make sense anymore

will it be worthwhile
even if we have everything that we've wanted
but lost that very one thing that has meant so much to us?

i don't wanna loose you
not now...
not in the future...
not ever...
please remember that~

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

i think malaysia's getting worst
in terms of the people's safety
from all the snatch thieves, robbers, rapists, kidnappers

why is that?
too many foreign workers walking on our land
i'm not discriminating them
and not saying that their existence is bad
but they are ought to be controlled

you wanna know how bad it is already?
easy job
just open your daily newspapers
in fact
i think no need to open also can
usually it will appear in the front page
i think the most recent one that caught my attention
was the lady kidnapped in bukit bintang
then she was brought all the way to kajang
before that idiotic moronic bastard raped her

you think that's the end of the story?
uh uh
you're being too naive
that fucker came back and haunt her after a month
saying that he won't be letting her go and yada yada...

i'll have to admit
after watching countless CSI series
i kinda have the same expectations on our police and investigation team
or maybe lower..ermm..maybe much lower...
but now
i will say that our police forces are a bunch of useless fat asses
how can they let something like this happened??
and not being able to solve it?
everytime i see them wearing a non-rasuah badge
it made me wonder hard
how many of them actually manage to do it??

you can't blame me for having such thoughts over them
i had a few unpleasant encounters with polices
and i have friend who had went to make a police report
got mocked by the police
saying that what she's doing is a waste of time
and might even get herself in danger

tell me
do you think we really can rely on such people to guard our safety?
i feel like the only person who can protect me
is actually myself
i'm a person with bad temper
and my dad is always worried
that if i ever do come across a robber
with big big parangs
i will still fight and defend my belongings
coz i remember i did mentioned before
i'd rather get stab then let him take my money
i know i sounded really stupid

but think about it
i have to save my fucking ass of for the money
who is he to snatch it away from me?
that's why dad's really worried
that one day
he might get the news
that i was stabbed
because i refuse to let the robber take my money...

i hate people like these
they wanna get the easy way out
have money without working
i think people like these should be sentenced to death
especially those snatch thieves
that has killed or hurt someone in the process
if you guys do across people like these
and they get caught red-handed
i think we should wolap them
teach them a lesson
before sending them to the uselss polices
to finish the job...

Monday, September 11, 2006

pod plays : black eyed peas's " don't lie "

back-dated entries...

here are the images for william's mamak's chicken chop
and nasi goreng ketam

me and dor checked out one noodle house at ss2 on saturday...
we had a late dinner
so the place wasn't that crowded
i think dor's dish was actually nicer than mine
she had char siew la mien
and i had shanghai wanton la mien
i felt like the wantons they gave me
are those forzen food type
are all frozen food

but dor's char siew were like best
with some fat dangling...
the soup was pretty nice for mine
i think they use wintermelon to make it
but dor thinks that they added MSG in it...
so it made her thirsty

char siew la mien = RM10.80
shanghai la mien = RM9.80
taiwan onion bread = RM4.50
green tea honey = RM4.50

total + bla bla taxes = RM30.80

Friday, September 08, 2006

* pod plays : lionel richie's " i just call to say i love you "

i've started a new job at downtown KL for almost 2 months

which i think i'm enjoying most of it
especially the part where i don't need to drive
in KL/PJ
i'd consider driving is rather tormenting

so now
i'm fully utlizing what the city council has to offer us tax-payers
speaking of it
though it's like totally unrealiable
i just couldn't find a better way to get my ass to my office every morning
thus, i think i'll just have to stop complaining and live with it

my point in this post
is actually not about that
i often wondered what usually people do on the LRT
while waiting to reach their destination

despite blasting my tunes on my pod
i'll usually check people out
you know something
you really get to see all sorta people in the LRT
but the most i've encoutered are nerdy nerds

let me describe to you
one of the most obvious appearence of a nerdy nerd is..
they've got to wear a pair of glasses
ok..is not that i have problems with people wearing glasses
but i think...
they should get something with a little bit of style
or something that suits you
most of the nerds that i've seen
are wearing those typical kinda oval shape glasses
some are even worst
perfect round
come on'
do you really think that you look like harry potter?
most of them are in their mid late or early 20s
but they have a body like a 50 years old uncle
with a round tummy sticking out
and they all share the same hair style
wear the same clothes
even carry the same bags

i'm not asking everyone to look like brad pitt
or keanu reeves
or tom cruise
or ethan hawk
or daniel wu
or edison chen

but at least
look like a 20 years old
look like someone who belongs to this era

somehow i wonder
will their girlfriends recognise them in the crowd?
ok lar..
it's a stupid question...

guys sucks in LRT
let's talk about girls
i would say that they are more pleasing to my eyes
because they know how to make themselves appealing

and from the way they dress
you can see...
wether are they chinese-ed or english-ed ( what i meant here is bananas )
for the english-ed group
they dressed more like singaporeans
like typical office ladies
as for chinese-ed
their way of dressing
were mostly influenced by koreans and japanese
a more ah-lian kind
i think girls look really nice in tight working skirt
and a vertical stripes shirt
with the long hair tied up in a bun...

i've seen people who dressed up like punks
old folks who dressed up like 20s
girls who has like 10 layers of make-up on their faces
uncles of my dad's age who wears hawaii shirts and surf shorts
young girls who dressed up like wannabes

taking lrt is fun

Thursday, September 07, 2006

welcome to the family...


* applause...
* clap clap claps

i've decided
to call myself


just for today though...
so everyone out there
please call me that ya...


ignore my crapping
had dinner at williams kelana jaya yesterday
i'd tell you that the chicken chop is much better than murni's
especially the sauce...
blackpepper with button mushroom and sliced black mushroom
self-made mash patatoes
i drop dead love it...
dor ordered nasi goreng ketam
but i would rather say that
it's a nasi goreng tomyam with ketam goreng added to it
didn't get to try the ketam
coz i'm alergic to seafood

which reminds me of..
one of the best nasi goreng tomyam i have ever eaten
the shop is in cyberjaya's streetmall
can't remember the shop name though
large portion of fried rice...
with tomyam's fragrant
the rice is not too sticky
and not too dry...

back to williams
the meal was added up to RM24.50
according to dor
nasi goreng ketam = RM12

the rest remains unknown
so to my calculation
chicken chop = RM8.50
teh o ais = RM1.50
watermelon juice = RM2.50

will update the pics later...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

love, lust, latitude, longetivity, less, lollipop, life, letter, long, learn, lack, loft, large, language, left, latin, length, liter, libre, law, liberty, lord, look, lake, lady, link , league, line, lambert, levorotary, liquid, lumbar.....

yada yada

what i meant was...
just L lens...
* smiles

Tuesday, September 05, 2006



Monday, September 04, 2006

ok..i plan to change my blog's skin...
coz i'm sick and tired of it...
but i don't have the slightest idea what color scheme i should use..

Saturday, September 02, 2006

back-dated post...
this is supposed to be up on merdeka eves
but i was worn out completely after the countdown

imagine yourself
stuck in the car park of tesco
for god knows how long
at one moment
i thought that i had actually fallen asleep in the car

for about half and hour
my little red car only manage to move for about 200 m
i suspect that the curve never thought that many will attend the event
that's why they were not well-perpared with securities to instruct the traffic

i was hoping to catch jaclyn victor...
but she didn't appear
joey g was there
nicholas teo was there
anuar zain was there
pop shuvit was there
and many many many many people were there
the place is so crowded
i can feel my head is starting to swirl

dinner was at heaven at the curve
dor's food was wonderful..
can't remember what's the name of the chicken
but the sauce contains black pepper and somewhat delicious
mine was shantung's duck noodle
the herbal smell of it made me giddy
and we ordered vegetarian spring roll
nice but too expensive
the sauce has serai in it
its fragrant made dor giddy

we wanted to dine at TGIF
but there were way too many people
coz it's just right beside the flea market
convenient spot to dine
good oso
can save money
need to buy my L lens

the fireworks weren't as nice as the one in KLCC
but i manage to grab some shots of the fire-eaters
night photography memang susah
the stupid direct flash will ruin the WB
i think it's time for me to get an omnibounce...

will update images later...
it doesn't matter wether you're an orange
a pear...
a strawberry or an apple

you're still the best thing that has ever happen to me

Friday, September 01, 2006