Wednesday, July 30, 2008

10 things found in my office (okay...maybe more than 10)

the best use of to broadcast out for the whole office to listen...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

i seriously think that i need to start reading some english books
or else i will be illiterate pretty soon
the last few english book's pages i've read was a friend's dog-bitten the road...
it put me down within a few pages everytime i try to read it
the book has been with me since last year
and i am only at page 87
i think i might even make the longest time taken to finish a book's guiness world of records
i hate it when my mind plays tricks on me
especially when it comes to reading english books
my mind will keep telling me things like...
" won't understand what you are reading about one lar, so don't waste your time lar...."
"you know what you reading meh?your england not powderful many words don't understand...have to look in dictionary some more..."
so...i really think that it's all my brain's fault that i can't finish a book properly

and i suddenly realise
usually during this hour of time
if i am not asleep yet
i will usually talk cock on my blog...
or write some stuffs that i will later on think...
"what the f*&# was on my mind ar?"

mont kiara jazz fest was great...
mia palencia was great
the performances at first was bit slow...
but when mia hits the stage...she brought everything back...
too bad sharizan is the emcee this year...
was hoping to catch some of his performances...
but ar well...
pictures up next..too lazy to move and take my memory card out from my camera

Thursday, July 24, 2008

i suddenly remembered...
dad told me it was your favourite

Sunday, July 20, 2008

if Nelson Mandela can forgive his oppressors...
if Gandhi can forgive persecution...
if Jesus can forgive crucifixion...
surely i can forgive you for what you've always believed

i've searched for romance
passion and affection
what i found is a lesson
of what love really is
found the game of love is not about how much you can take
but is about how much you can give

thank you for making me a better person
by letting me give...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

i wish i could do something more than this...
i think i am gonna get myself a france jersey with the name earthkid printed on the back
or a manchester united's jersey also can
though i don't really watch soccer anymore
nor nba
ah well
i think i still can bball pretty well...
since they say once you know it
you will never loose the touch
but damn difficult to find bball kakis
most of the people i am close with now are not really into sports
how i wish there are like 5 more MEs
so we can have a 3 on 3...
i really do miss old times

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

cameron highlands~~brrrr....cold - Pt 2

arghh~~~~so tired lar

sweet yummy delicious jagungs

Monday, July 14, 2008

cameron highlands~~brrrr....cold - Pt 1

more to come..hang on...let me catch my breathe first

Saturday, July 12, 2008

i am leaving to cameron in another 2 and a half hour's time~

my last trip there was like ermm...
i can't really remember
i think maybe it was before mom left us?
or did i went during my primary years?
the only thing i remember there is the smell of tea leaves and strawberries...
ok lar...
this trip i go...
i will make sure i take nice nice pics
so can sell as stock photos...
or maybe arachnid should just buy my photos
so they don't need to pay corbis or inmagine or gettyimages ridiculous prices for one not so chun photo...
damn it
i think i am high on sugar and caffein...
or maybe i am just too excited for the long awaited trip?
or maybe i am just high on coffeemate...
why am i gibbering non stop?
i think i am really high on sugar...
and my face is so itchy after i took my bath...
and now i feel like my ears are itchy...
followed by my head...neck...arms...legs
what is wrong?????!!!

i think i need to go lie down and rest...

Friday, July 11, 2008

will anyone even appreciate what i'm doing right now?
i guess not...
maybe i am just a dumbass
or i am stupid enough to believe that people actually care....
i feel like a fucking idiot....
i must've did something wrong to deserver shit like this....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

you don't know what is it like
so don't pretend like you care..

Sunday, July 06, 2008

hummer H3 spotted at the curve!
got 2 some more!!
i am so near to a car that horatio has been driving!!!
omg omg omg!
standing beside this monster
i feel like a midget...
ok...maybe i am a midget that's why i feel so
but this is really a huge fella
and it's only priced at 516,269.30 ringgit malaysia
ok lar...
not very expensive like his other brothers
the only thing that will be sucking you dry is the petrol and the roadtax
it's running on a vortec 3.7l in-line 5 cylinder engine
vortec's engine are trademark of GM's piston engine
thus the H3 is actually sharing the same engine as the chevy colorado pickup truck
from 1-100km/h will take about 11 seconds
maybe it's a little short on power
but who cares!!!
look at the size!!!
of coz you don't expect an elephant to run like a cheetah right???!!

look at that 24' monster rim!!!!

look at those lovely front grilles!!!!
doesn't it make your heart melt with love???

interior not very nice
but who cares!!!!
it's a H3!!!

omg omg omg!!!
look at me!!!i am in a H3!!!!
i have never dreamnt that i will have a chance to sit in one in my entire life!!!!
ok, despite the fact that he look really huge outside
actually i think i can drive this car like puggy
coz the spaceroom at the driver's seat isnt too big
i think just by adding a few cushions here and there
i will be cruising down the street on this baby comfortably~~~~
mmm...isn't life just wonderful?
*slap...wake up!!!

i made a complete fool of myself by taking pictures more than half an hour under the blazing hot sun
and took 2 videos too
but ar well...
how often do i get bump into a hummer H3?what more there are 2 now?
you made my day!!~