Sunday, April 30, 2006

i got myself a red crumpler 5 million dollar series bag at paragon last night...
it's for my camera...i've decided to get a smaller one so it will be easier to bring my camera around in it..
the entire orchard road was crowded with people..i'm feeling as though i'm back in kl..on the streets of bukit bintang...coz i merely have a proper place to walk and take picture without getting block by the people who likes to walk pass my camera...

we strolled down to lucky plaza...that's where i checked the price fo the canon speedlite 580ex that i'm planning to buy...they gave different prices...will be hitting simlim sqr and peninsualar plaza to look for better prices

i saw a
v12 6192cc Lamborghini Murciélago right in front of JW Mariott took my breathe away instantly..despite that it's an ugly green..but often do you see this car roaming around in the streets of malaysia?awesome..can't help but to take pictures of it...i thought i was drooling all over...
this is a car which i need to work a millenium to be able to afford ..and another millenium to be able to maintain it..

Power : 580@7500 bhp/rpm
Torque : 479@5400 lb/ft
Emissions Class : EU3
CO2 Emissions : 500 g/km - (Man) / 500 g/km - (Auto)

Maximum Speed : 200 mph - (Manual)
Maximum Speed : 200 mph - (Auto)
0 - 62 mph : 3.8 seconds - (Manual)
0 - 62 mph : 3.8 seconds - (Auto)
Length : 4580 mm
Width : 2045 mm
Height : 1135 mm
Wheel Base : 2665 mm
Boot Capacity : litres

after acting like a total fool in front of the lambo..we continued walking to wheelock place..there's a borders there..i don't know wether is it bigger than the one in the curve...coz there're way too many people inside of it...
so we decided to sit down and coffeebeand...
crapped with my cousins...then took a bus back...
ahhh...relaxing night..minus all the crowd's my aunt..
and the great selena a.k.a ah lian ( she refuses to turn around to let me take her pic )

Saturday, April 29, 2006

why does it always rain here?
did i bring rain to Singapore?
i wanna go out... and shoot pictures...

* singing
rain rain..go away..come again some other day

Friday, April 28, 2006

a for arley
b for b
c for cheezels
d for dor
e for earthkid
f for fishy
g for giraf
h for horsey
i for ikea
j for juli
k for koala
l for lizzard
m for motorola
n for nokia
o for oink oink
p for piglet
r for rhino
s for sampat
t for tian
v for violet
w for whally
y for yeo
z for zambonie

* ok...gimme some ideas to fill in rest of the alphaberts

Thursday, April 27, 2006

i can't imagine
what would it be like...
if i don't have you around me

it will turn my world upside down
and my mind will go berserk
nothing will mean anything to me anymore

i still can feel...
my body generating way too much adrenaline
when you're around me
it keeps me flying in high clouds...
all the time

so emotionally-attached i am to you...
that only you can replenish my soul

i can't put how i feel into beautiful words
as i'm not equipped with the ability to do so

i wish i can be a poet
so i would be able to shower you with all the wonderful verses i can create.......

i felt you dirfting away...
while i was chucked here
trying to figure out

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

two hearts entwined with perfection
is when i professed my love to you
my fondness for you
will still make my heart melts when i think of you
after all these years
i still stretch out to reach for you

to reach...
for your impeccable love...

i love you...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006 two three..
fuck...why isn't the invisible scrollbar working?

* reading more tutorials
i can see clearly now..the rain is gone...~~

my aunt will be discharged from the hospital today...
i'm back home refresh myself..and get some rest before she arrives home...
she's taken all these cancer issues kinda cool...didn't panicked like her husband...
the surgeons did a great job as she said that is not much of a visible wound...
except that her right breast was removed...
*still capable of joking...which is a good sign

doctor said that everything will be fine..
she just needed to carry on for bout 4 chemos to make sure that none of those cancerous cells will spread
to do physiotherapy coz they've removed her limp nodes...
to make sure her right arm is still capable of moving

after all that...
she will definitely be fine...
thank GOD...

Monday, April 24, 2006

my aunt's operation took place at bout 945am this morning...
we arrived at the GH at about 6.45am because she's scheduled a blood test before the op...
she was pushed into the operation room at bout 9.30am...

it took about 4 hours before she was let go to the bout 1.30pm...
during the period of time while she was having her op...i couldn't help but think...
i have no idea what i was thinking about...i keep telling myself that she will be alright...
i prayed...again...
hoping to believe again...
my hands just can't stop trembling...i don't know wether is it due to the coldness...
or is it because i was nervous...

i stood by the operation room exit for almost 3 hours...until she was finally pushed out...
her face was as pale as chalk...
but it was comforting when the nurse told me that the operation went well...
we followed her to the ward 57 where she will be placed...
the anaesthetic worked well...she was droussy and sleepy most of the time...
once in a while...
she will ask for water to drink...
yet she kept on vomiting due to the anaesthetic...

she was given an injection to prevent her from vomiting...
which made her nausea...
and she went back to sleep again...
sherman, selena, sabrina, uncle sunny, uncle lim came at bout 6pm...

had dinner...the hospital is like a hotel...
the foodcourt was so crowded as if it's in a shopping mall
i'm back home now...resting a while before i hit the hospital again...
gonna refresh myself...

Sunday, April 23, 2006

first day in singapore... aunt susie...selena....sherman...sabrina....uncle chan and uncle sunny went to 2 temples...

after that, we went to suntec coz it was raining so in singapore is minute it minute it is hot like hell... dropped by at the esplanade....the sun was bright...but bit misty...didn't manage to grab many shots...shall be going there again...wanna get some nice shots at night also...

and oh ya...selena say that they renovated the world trade centre and it's very nice now...wanna go check it out too

Saturday, April 22, 2006

back in singapore after a year and a half
changed alot
nearly lost my way
but managed to get to my aunt's house without getting help from the police
have more to explore

journey of crossing borders were pretty ok
smooth traffic
the bus drove through the tuas link
saved us from the congestion at the first link

very hot day...
i was sweating all over...

Friday, April 21, 2006

last post...
in TSi

p/s : i don't feel sad...nor happy...what's wrong with me?
last day at work...
my heart is at rest this very moment...
waiting for the clock to tick its hours, minutes and seconds by...
a year has passed and i've acquainted myself to this company...
still...i'm glad that i'm leaving

crossing borders tomorrow...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

dor said
it is ok if we don't lock the car when we're not in it or it's parked

then she said
but it is not ok if we don't lock the car when it's on the road moving at 60km/h
i don't know of anyone or any being able to run that fast and open the car door at that speed to snatch the car or things inside it

i was looking at my teeth while i was driving
to realise that those teeth which are not expose
turn out to be a lil yellowish
but for those which are expose
are pretty white

so i asked dor about it
she then said
do i look like a TEETH to you?

i was stoned for a while
trying to figure out
and i told her
even if you look like one
it would be a tooth
not teeth

i had a funny day

p/s : dor insisted she said " do i look like a dentist to you ? " and it's not " do i look like a TEETH to you ? " bad...i have hearing problems

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

good ol' wednesday morning
hitting the cinema for THE WILD tonight
bought Transamerica and Just Like Heaven last night
will we have time to watch it dor?

this year's Oscar's movies are not bad
at least it won't put me to sleep
as i'm a shallow person
i couldn't understand most of the things said in those past Oscar's Movies like About Schimdt and Chicago
Evita and Schindler's List were like dosages of anesthtics to me where i lost consciousness within seconds

i've watched Wallace & Gromit,Brokeback Mountain, Memoirs of a Geisha, North Country
pending are Transamerica, Munich and Crash

i can watch forest gump and braveheart over and over again

i don't know what else to say...

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

lunch at alexis

ordered vietnamese beef noodle
portion was soooOOOooooo small
though it tasted nice
it wouldn't even fill my mouth

friend ordered roasted duck meat
only meat
nothing else
nice but also small

dessert was a type of cake called pavlova
very nice
RM17 per piece

i really thought i ate diamonds, gold and platinum for lunch when the bill came
no more fine dining
i still love mamaks and dai caos
bright sunny morning
a perfect day to stay in bed and rot
what am i doing in the office?

Monday, April 17, 2006

i woke up freakin' early this morn...
just to get my passport done...
i thought i was going to be the first one...
i was wrong...
due to the kiasuness of people...
and to the uselessness of the malfunctioning government department...
there were already quite an amount of people queueing up when i arrived there...
i stood...squated...sat...
finally...the door was opened and everyone rushed in like they're giving out money inside...
i got a lucky number 9 and waited about 15 mintues till it's my turn...
they took my thumbprint 3 times...because she said that the scanner couldn't read my thumbprint...
like it's my fault..go change to a better scanner lar...
they took the documents...and asked me to sit down and wait for my turn to pay...
the whole process took only about 30 mintues...but the queueing up early in the morning took one n half hour
and i'm free to go...
back in office now...
sleepy and slaggy...

* yawn...eyes closing

p/s : a reminder to all who are planning to renew their passport, go early...when i say means like about 6am, then you will be able to get back to work on time...bring your birth cert ( original & photocopy ), your my card ( original & photocopy ), 2 passport size pictures of you, don't download the form online, buy it there, the online form will be rejected.if you can, buy it a day earlier, and fill it in.

good day

Friday, April 14, 2006

zam is sleeping again..
nowadays...he sleeps alot...
saying that he's tired... tired can he be?

p/s : dor said i should write something about zam since i'm so bored in the office
i have never prayed for myself...even when i thought i was in despair...
because i've never believed in the power of praying...

please...make me believe again...

Thursday, April 13, 2006

just another day

i'm sleepy..i shouldn't have agreed to extend my stay i wish today is's one more day..but it feels like a century in d office...

as usual, i made neslo ( combination of milo and nescafe )...not too thick...not too diluted...

i on my pc....waiting for it to load...

i clicked on firefox...and checked my gmail and yahoomail

then i clicked on outlook express and checked my mail

there was nothing

so i was left to rot...

* looking at the ceiling...saliva drooling out from my mouth...i m retarded sometimes

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

me and dor woke up early yesterday...though it was a none working tuesday...the point of waking up so early is to be able to catch the Macdonald's Breakfast which i've not been able to have for quite some time...sam decided to join us too... one thing i realise about the breakfast is that the portions are getting smaller and smaller...i had a new fish platter breakfast which couldn't even make me throw out a burp...i wasn't stomach's still yelling the hunger that should be fulffiled with the price that i've paid for the breakfast...but nevermind...we have another mission after to go scout around for a new/second hand fridge...i drove down to tmn tun...found a second hand shop with couple of fridges available and also a metal rack which i'm very much interested was kinda dirty though...these ppl are stupid..clean up the bloody damn fridge first before you even display it...the price wasn't what we as usual...we will tell them the lies of 'we will go see around first then come back', which means that most probably we won't be coming back.

drove down to ss2 as i remember there's another second hand shop near chow yang...but d fella wasn't open sam has suggested that there's another at the corner of ss2 near the police station which eventually turn out to be a shop seeling new furniture...we did came across an aunty rack ( i gave it its name as dor has always suggested us to buy it..her reasons are it's cheap...economical and not so big )

i parked my car somewhere near Murni and there are a couple of electrical shops which are not open yet...i kept peeping through their metal door, saw ppl inside and have the sudden urge to knock on the door so that they can open the bloody metal door fo us to check the fridge out...haha...the silainess within us made us scout around a few more shops before deciding on getting the samsung looks pretty nice on the catalouge...and the price is rather reasonable...RM600 divided by 4 person which is only RM150 per was a rather sweet deal i must say...the fridge was delivered to our place at about 4 in the afternoon and we needed to wait till 3 hours later for the gases to stablilize before starting it...sam was excited...they even suggested a ceremony to launch it..silly ppl...took some pics...zam and moo moo decided to climb up the fridge and have fun...

Monday, April 10, 2006

here i am

here i am...bored...annoyed...sleepy...
and soon to be loosing the will to stare at my monitor screen...
save me outta this misery...
i fell into deep memories of my past on my ipod...i was sooooo ain't that bad afterall...

It's gonna burn for me to say this
But it's comin from my heart
It's been a long time coming
But we done been fell apart
Really wanna work this out
But I don't think ya gonna change ya
I do but you don't
Think it's best we go our separate ways
Tell me why I should stay in this relationship
When I'm hurting baby, I ain't happy baby
Plus theres so many other things I gotta deal with
I think that you should let it burn
When your feeling ain't the same and your body don't want to
But you know gotta let it go cuz the party ain't jumpin' like it used to
Even though this might bruise you
Let it burn
Gotta let it burn
Deep down you know it's best for you except but you
Hate the thought of her being with someone else
But you know that it's over
You know that it was through
Let it burn
Gotta let it burn
Sendin' pages I ain't supposed to
Got somebody here but I want you
Cause the feelin ain't the same find myself
Callin' her your name
Ladies tell me do you understand?
Now all my fellas do you feel my pain?
It's the way I feel
I know I made a mistake
Now it's too late
I know she ain't comin back
What I gotta do now
To get my shorty back
Ooo ooo ooo ooooh
Man I don't know what I'm gonna do
Without my booo
You've been gone for too long
It's been fifty-eleven days, um-teen hours
Imma be burnin' till you return
I'm twisted cuz one side of me is tellin' me that I need to move on
On the other side I wanna break down and cry



還不知道什麼是對﹐ 什麼是錯


Friday, April 07, 2006


基本上﹐ 我也沒有什麼牢騷可以發




P/S ﹕

Thursday, April 06, 2006







Wednesday, April 05, 2006

i have been sneezing my small heart out the entire morning since i've arrived in the office...

someone must be missing me really badly...
does that someone exist?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

my girl and i

i've never liked love movies in my life....i dont know why am i posting this...


p/s : can i have my hair cut like that??

what does it takes?

what does it takes to make a relationship last?

two hearts intertwined?uh uh...not good enough

a lot of tolerance from the both ain't easy...for 2 person of different lifestyle..different habits to be together...there's definitely something about each other that you wouldn't like yet too afraid to say it out...maybe at the very is soo strong that you will be blinded by it...and you will not realise the flaws that has been around ( one's perfect...if you love that've gotta deal with'll be much happier this way )
you've gotta learn how to tolerate...for me...i think it's the best virtue to learn in a relationship...everytime before you wanted to start a fight..think of the things that he/she has done for you...the things that has touched you so deeply...just find a way to stop the urge to start a fight...we hear bad things in a fight...things that aren't supposed to be heard...words can hurt you deep down into your bones...and it can never be wiped're not a hero by hurting someone else's're in fact a loser...especially if you've hurt the heart of the one person that you've loved soo much...

so...for peeps out there who've hurt someone's heart...go something to save the relationship...if you still think that it is worthwhile...

* and oh ya... for those who are trapped in this misery...feel free to call me on a non-tollfree least listening to my silly voice will cheer u up a lil'...

cheers...nice day to everyone

Monday, April 03, 2006


kembali lah....itu saja sayangku...

terima kasih~
i've been having freakin lotsa spams flooding in my comments lately...damn..just how can i get rid of it?walaueh....stop spamming me lar wei....!!!!!

i'm early at work today...bit sleepy...nice weather to sleep...i don't know what to write here..can somebody gimme a clue??

let me's cheng meng last i bet that the graveyard will probably be pretty loaded with people...none of us were able to make it back to segamat...coz dad was far away at china enjoying we've decided to push it to next weekend...well according to chinese beliefs...yesterday weren't a good day for 'grave cleaning' ( alright..i don't know wether is this the right word to use...but seriously..i can't find any in the english vocabulary, so i've decided to do some direct translation myself ), coz apparently, it's a 'ren re' which means people's day?ok..whatever...i just know that it's not good to do plenty of things that i must as well just stay at home and rot!went to one u yesterday..dor's gonna start to learn swimming soon...i just couldn't help but imagining the way she is in the is she gonna look like when she's trying to swim?hahahaha.......ok..i'm sorry dor..please don't be will look very very very no worries ya...

dor has gotten a new gift from her's a cute lil bear that she will sleep with every night...zambonie is hanging around well with the new bear..i just pity poor panda...he's now forever sitting on the dressing table..and never get to sleep with dor again..sigh...and sometimes..rhino will just play with bear bear without even noticing panda...bad zam~~~

my collection of liquor...ain't it cool??...i will have the entire set of absolut collected!!!!marke me words!!!*cough ...and yes..i'm showing off...wahahahahahahaha~~

jack..da dude...

new partners in crime...say CHEESEE~~~

hey...getcha mouth off of her!!!

* snore...

yo...waddup??i'm da bear....