Sunday, February 28, 2010

one is better than nothing

two is better than one

three is just a little too crowded

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i have been really busy running my fats away
and bragging about it all the time on twitter and facebook
i think i am a little obsessed with my kilometers

i used to love running
but not to the extent that all i can think about now is i should spend my freetime running
and i even bought a pair of nike lunarglide
just to pair it up with my ipod nano
so that i can record my runs on the nike ipod+ kit
and so i can sync my runs on the nike+ website so the whole world can know about it(as though they care)

i ran when it was raining
i ran when the sun was so hot and it tried to squeeze out all the liquid in my body
i even ran when i was having flu and fever
i hope i can run and make it to 2000km this year
seems bit crazy
but never try never know!

was suppose to take a picture of my shoes when i first bought it
now it's covered with dirt and i am too lazy to clean it
it was a lil pricey
but i guess it will be all worth it if i wear it like 300 days in a year
it offers damn good cushioning
my soles don't ache that much even after 10km
would love to take it to try on a full-marathon
tapi nampak macam my stamina is still not there yet
note to self: must run more!

p/s:aisay!i keep pressing alt instead of ctrl!!i hate mac lar!!!

kasut yang amat best

lari ngan lagu yang amat best jugak
sekarang dah order pun headphone yang amat best!