Thursday, May 31, 2007

i think i have been really naive all this while
naive about everything
especially in people i meet through out my career
though i know i've just been working like only chicken years
and probably my readers out there will say things like
"nabei, work 2 -3 years only wanna give talk-cock comments liao"
"i eat sugar more than you eat rice, u talk what cock"
but anyways
my point is that
i always get cheated by people whom are like wolves wearing the skin of sheeps
i always believe what people say too soon
no wonder my dad always say i cannot do business
because i will sure kena tipu and die liao also don't know

those people who looks really kind and honest on the outside
are those people who really knows how to play the mind tricks...
and usually are people like these
gets to obtain high positions in a company
they expertise in twist and turning the truth
they can talk until a dead corpse become alive...
they can talk until black become white...
they can talk until u will open your mouth wide wide and look at them with nothing to say

my dad always tell me...
don't always believe what people say
use your brain to think
use your eyes to see
and after all that i've been through
i can only give u one conclusion
i have no brain to think
and no eyes to see...

and deep down inside my heart
i will keep telling myself
if ever i get to become a boss
i will never be someone like that...
never ever...

moral of the story?
honest people like me can never become bosses...

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

i have always been a harry potter fan
and i found out about this website
to promote its new movie launching
the order of phoenix
wonderful way to draw people back to the website
i realise it's getting more and more common nowadays
to have flash games
where you can compete with people around the world

anyways..check it out...
Harry Potter & The Order of Phoenix
it's a nice game...
for me
i visit it at least once a day...

p/s : can't wait for the final book and the movie...hehehe

Monday, May 28, 2007

sometimes i wonder
how come english-ed people can come out with words like
"got wrong meh?"
note that....
this was literally translated from the chinese word
which means "did i do anything wrong?"

just when you thought that phua chu kang's singlish is the king....

Friday, May 25, 2007

when you thought that you've seen it all
there are always something(s) that will open up your eyes again...
just as i thought our nation's "pride" Proton is making lesser headlines
i am reading a news about Proton is asking money from the government to pay off its dealers...
this is not just any ordinary amount...
RM16mil of all the tax-payers's hard earn-cash...
ok...maybe not mine...
but my friends... this and start shouting...

Proton wants another RM16m to pay off dealers
By Fauziah Ismail (
May 17 2007

PROTON has asked the government for another RM16 million to carry out its consolidation exercise.
Under this voluntary separation scheme, for which Proton has already been given RM10 million to execute, car dealers were offered RM150,000 in “relief assistance” to close their Proton dealer ships.
But sources said many car dealers had snubbed it because the offer was too low.
They said some dealers had invested a minimum of RM200,000 to set up their operations.
Some dealers have written formally to Proton asking for more while others have requested for amounts of up to RM500,000, through the dealers’ association..
Sources said Proton had proposed to increase the relief assistance from RM150,000 to RM300,000 per dealer.
To ensure fairness, sources said, dealers who had already accepted Proton’s earlier offer would also be entitled to the higher amount.
Last month, Proton managing director Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir said the company was on track to downsize its network of dealers nationwide by 20 per cent by the middle of this year.
As of March, Proton had 186 dealers under its sales and marketing arm, Proton Edar Sdn Bhd (PESB), and 97 dealers under Edaran Otomobil Nasional (EON).

In the first phase of the VSS, targeted for completion next month, a total of 102 dealers were offered but only 36 confirmed acceptance.
Proton plans to reduce the number of dealers from 293, as of March, to 247 by the middle of the year and 227 by year-end.
The rationalisation exercise is part of Proton’s initiatives to enhance operational efficiency, cost competitiveness and value to customers.
Consolidation of nearly 400 Proton dealers nationwide is unavoidable as persistent poor sales have caused losses to many of them.
Proton sold and registered 115,546 cars in 2006 with a drop in market share to 31 per cent from 40 per cent in 2005.
Proton Edar Dealers Association president Wan Ahmad Sepwan had been quoted as saying that about 70 per cent of Proton Edar dealers had posted losses from early last year to the present.
“Our members have lost more than RM20 million or an average loss of more than RM240,000 each since then,” he said.
“Peda believes the number of Proton dealers, which is close to 400 nationwide, is too big for one brand.”

and another one

Proton Dealers Seek Removal Of Hire Purchase Commission Ceiling

KUALA LUMPUR, May 6 (Bernama) -- The Proton Edar Dealers Association Malaysia (PEDA) has requested Bank Negara Malaysia to remove the ceiling for hire purchase commission.
Its deputy president Armin Baniaz Pahamin said such a move would provide some relief for the dealers who were currently suffering losses due to declining sales.
"PEDA suggests that the rate for this commission be determined by market forces as it can be a vital component in increasing revenue for Proton Edar dealers, thus enabling them to supplement their thin sales margin and survive in the current sluggish environment," he said in a statement here today.

Armin said the hire purchase commission was originally introduced only for Proton dealers to compensate for their low Proton car margin in the 1980's.
He said the commission was then extended to all car dealers, including those of non-Proton cars, until 2001.
"The origins of the hire purchase commission, to support the low car margin of Proton dealers, were forgotten and neglected and the Proton car margin was never revised since," he added.
Armin said the association was looking forward to meeting Bank Negara or any government officials to further discuss any issues that could further enhance the sales of Proton cars.

According to him, the situation is so dire that 90 percent of the Proton Edar dealers are currently unable to break even.
A report last month said that each of Proton Edar dealers were losing between RM15,000 and RM20,000 per month.
To ensure the survival of Proton, PEDA has proposed that banks should either be given an industry fixed quota for the amount of loans approved for the end-financing of Proton cars and/or different terms of reference be given to loans disbursed to Proton customers.
"This will allay banks' fears of poor KPI (key performance indicators) due to Proton customers' profile," Armin said.
"This is a normal practice in other developed countries such as South Korea to ensure the survival of their national car," he said.
Armin added that with the automotive industry being finance-driven, the sales gained by dealers are in direct correlation with banks' approval rate.


for more in-depth stuffs...check out here
isn't this just the time fulfill the transformer's craze?
check out this website
it almost feels like it's a transformer's website...
2advanced studio always produces the best websites..
p/s : the page seems to be down at the time i wrote this..maybe y'all can try later...

on a smaller note...
i totally embarrassed myself on the train today
while enjoy buble's newest album on my poddy
i saw this lady whom was standing not exactly very in front of me
( note that i was blessed with a seat )
i thought she is a pregnant lady
without hesitating
i stood up and gave her my seat...
and without any hesitation also
she sat down...
then i get the time to really look at her
and to my horror... ( ok..i'm exaggerating )
she is just slight over-sized...
and not even near to being a pregnant lady...
i know i must've been a fool
but i have to act cool and pretend nothing happened
but deep down inside of my tiny winy heart
i so wanted to laugh out loud!

ok lar...
so what...i was doing a kind act mah...
how i know she's not pregnant ler...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

i was browsing blindly as usual
and stumbled upon this video...
i think it's a really nice one...
and the meaning that it is trying to convey...
hope you'll enjoy it like i did..
but it comes with a pretty sad ending..
it left me pondering for quite a while...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

canon has recently launched another camera to fit in to the professional category
the 1D MKIII
with 10.1MP
and 10 frames per second!
it comes with a 3.0" LCD
so for people like me.....
whom's seriously short-sighted will be able to see very clearly too!
addition to it
it is using the new DIGIC III technology from canon
thus it is to be said that it will handle noise very much better than its predecessors
and what is even better...good things comes in two!
it is running a dual DIGIC III processor

i often remember people complaining about DSLR
why must we shoot by looking through the viewfinder?
and can't it be like normal digital cameras where you can see live view
no fret now
this little monster comes with live view...
now you can shoot from akward positions

before i bought my 30D
i was always very worried about my 300D's shutter count
thus i ended up acting like an idiot
refused to let my friends or family use it
but now..look at what the 1D MKIII offers
300,000 shutter counts!!!!!
don't understand the figure?Nevermind...
imagine if u will be taking 50 images a day
it will be 18250 images a year
and with the 1D MKIII
you can continuously shoot for 16 years!!!

and to pair it up with
canon released another new lens
well..not exactly new though
a 16-35L f2.8 II
it's more like an upgraded version of the old 16-35

all these...
comes with a painful price tag
approximately RM15k for the camera
and approximately another RM5K for the lens...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

some moron is sharing his/her ipod on the leo burnett network
so my stupid ipod decided to sync with it

i lost all my playlists...
what a way to start your day...
all the past one year's effort of
arranging songs...
renaming songs...
looking for album arts...
inputing lyrics...
is this an omen?
* shakes head

Friday, May 18, 2007

i am utterly useless
can somebody just smack me in my head?
so i can see or know what i really want...
no words will suffice to convey what i'm feeling now...
as complicated as it can be
it is not me at all

i've got plans
to drive down to sekinchang early in the morning
and grab some really awesome morning shots of a paddy field...
i've been delaying and postponing it...
such a slagger...
i hate myself

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

can i give myself another chance
and tr this out again?'s definitely worth taking the risk
what is wrong with me?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

:: all souls day 2007 ::

Friday, May 11, 2007

i've came across someone questioning me...
what's so difficult about taking pictures?
just take the damn camera and snap
there will definitely be one or two shots that will make your day
what bothers me was
one or two shots outta how many shots taken?
to me
that's just a waste of shutter speed...
or films for analog's lovers...

a good photographer
is a person who can paint a picture in his mind
before he even paints it with his camera
that's a person i would like to become
i don't need fancy techniques...
i don't need extravagant equipments...
all i need is a heart
and a pair of eyes that can see beyond it...
when you can see it
even the simplest thing looks so special
it is something that i'm starting to learn...
to look and to feel

p/s : i can't wait for mont kiara's jazz festival to come
i wanna take shots like herman leonard's

Thursday, May 10, 2007

it's like almost 1am in the morning the time i finish writing this
it would probably be already past 1pm

i have gotten my ass glued to my seat for the whole day
trying to beat the deadline tomorrow for nike's pitch
and now i'm still waiting for the images to be printed
so that i can get them mounted...

in the midst of waiting
i decided to browse the net
and found out about the canon's st-e2's speedlite transmitter
this little fella can do wonders
especially photographing outdoor at a bright sunny day
it will brighten up your face
even though you're standing at the back light position
i think this will be the next gadget that i can afford
would love to try it out and see how the effects go

and oh ya
we were given one day off after working like dogs for the past week

Monday, May 07, 2007

i'm a little happy...
i'm pretty happy..
ok lar...
i'm like extremely happy ok!!!!!
my department will be moving soon
and guess where the new place is gonna be?!!

we're moving to right in front of yasmin ahmad's office!!!!
* flying to the moon

Thursday, May 03, 2007

crepe cottage located at persiaran gurney
just drive all the way down
and you will see it on your right hand side
there's a free parking behind of it
i never really liked crepe
but this is still acceptable...
pretty nice i can say...
just go explore the menu

ancient post frm last year...
i went to penang...
and had a wonderful chicken rice meal
the shop was named big fat loh chicken rice
the meal doesn't cost much compared to KL
and it was yummilicious!! ( i can't believe i said that )

another delicacy
chicken skin...
i know i know
it's high colesterol
but what da heck
i will only eat it like once a year...
u can get this at gurney drive

the famous lorong selamat fried kuey tiaw
it sure taste nice
but a little costly..
per plate is at rm5.00

a very nice roti bakar at bayan lepas
it's by the roadside
you'll definitely be able to see it with lotsa people in it
something special and i think it's nice...

ok lar..
food in penang is not bad
things turned out to be not the way i've expected it
but i've gotta hold on...
and keep on going...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

i was featured in the volume 4 her world's brides magazine that has just made its way to news stand on monday...
here are some images to show off...
ok..remember to get a copy if u're getting married ya...
and then remember to intro me more wedding jobs too...
you can cehck out my portfolio which recites at http//
hardsell betul~~


and oh...btw...