Monday, February 28, 2011

31 was like a number that i will never reach
at least that was what i thought when i was 12 years old
and now..standing in front of the mirror
i stared at myself for almost an hour
and still cant figure out which part of me actually look like 31 years old
time does fly...
oh well, i'll still go around and tell people that i am only 23 years old
and i am sure tonnes of people will still buy it
happy belated birthday to me!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the Black Swan is definitely the most disturbing movie i've ever watched in my entire life
but nonetheless,it is the best performance i've seen of natalie portman
as far as i am concern, i think she should win the Oscar for best actress
the movie revolves around natalie portman as a ballerina whom was chosen to play the role of the White Swan & the Black Swan in Swan Lake
both characters are a total opposite of each other
as being the perfect cast for the White Swan,
natalie portman struggled to fit in the role for the Black Swan
and that's where she started showing symptoms of schizophrenia

i thought the movie was a little boring at the very beginning
but after 15minutes into the movie
i forgot that i was actually watching a movie
instead i felt as though i am witnessing the entire process of her struggling to play the Black Swan
i am still pretty disturbed now
and i do think that this movie is definitely not for those who are mentally weak
but for those who would like to see the other side of natalie portman
or a big fan of natalie portman
or just to watch a awesome piece of work
you should really go check it out

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

oh no!
i've almost forgotten that i have a blog
though i think there aren't many who are reading
it is still my obligation to continue writing until i die
at least have a couple of posts in every year!

nothing much to shout about the past couple of months
the only thing worth mentioning is the bloody flood in segamat & muar right before cny
i was back home early this year on the 27th of the chinese lunar calender
and rain started pouring that day
no, i did not bring the rain back to segamat
if i can do that, i'll be away in africa helping people instead of sitting here writing this post
whoever that is up there must've been really pissed coz the rain went on for almost 48 hours, or maybe more than that
dad started getting worried as this was exactly what happen 5 years ago during the massive 2006 flood
so he made a call to muar and told my uncle that it is time to move my granny somewhere safer
as the tradition is, muar will always have a horrible flood right after the water subside from segamat
dad's prediction was spot on, on the 28th of the chinese lunar calender's evening
my aunt's place in kg abdullah was hit by the flood
segamat slowly became an island where no cars can go in or out
the yong peng's way was cut off, the batu anam's way was cut off and the jementah's way was cut off too
i guess me & my family was considered pretty lucky as our area was not affected by the flood at all
i guess this will make the houses in IOI more valuable later on when all the people in kg abdullah is fedup of the bloody and decides to move away

we were when the water subsided a little on the 29th
of the chinese lunar calender, the yong peng's way was the only one that has resumed traffic, we went over to help my aunt clean up her place
but my grandparents house in muar weren't that lucky
it was practically soaked in a 9feet water for almost a week!
oh damn i F*&%ing hate this flood!
there goes my precious chinese new year which is one of my favourite holiday!!

whatever the government promised after the 2006 massive flood were all bullshits
i wonder where did all the money that they claimed they spent went?
i am back in kl now
trying to recall what i did for this cny
and i can't seem to think of any
just great...