Saturday, May 14, 2011

i think for once, i'm going to listen to my body's calling
ever since i've started running like a mad man
the lower back muscles never seem to be able to take a break
finally it decided to give up on me
i've been waking up with a broken lower back every morning since last september
as much as i'd hate the fact that my rankings in nike run will be going downhill
i really think it's high time i put running to a halt
and started swimming again last week
maybe it's still too early to tell the differences
but i'm keeping my fingers crossed
and hope that they will recover in no time!
swimming on the other hand, it actually feels pretty good coz of the crazy hot weather lately
the only thing i dont really like about swimming is that i wont feel the sweat even when i'm dead tired from doing it
after all, it is a form of exercise so it doesnt really matter how i do it

on a totally random note, i think i am falling very much in love with ella fitzgerald and she totally rocks my world!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

infographics for infographics

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