Monday, April 27, 2009

i love you

Saturday, April 25, 2009

i cried...
i laughed...
took a ride on an emotional roller-coaster...
downed some liquor which i am not suppose to...
took on a brief that overwhelmed me with tears...
bitched about everything...
been in the photos more that i ever will in my entire life...

i thought i could leave without feeling a pinch in the heart
but all these made me miss you guys even more...
new faces will be taking over the space
but is the old ones that will keep me moving on

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i've finally figure out how to host my own blog using wordpress's engine!!
but i have yet to be ready to migrate there
blogger is still so nice to use!

maybe i should just maintain both blogs
one is the one to show everyone what i've been doing (like anyone cares)
and another one is where i keep all my dirty lil' secrets!

ok, anyways
i will soon move on to another phase of my career where i hope i will be able to cope with
i am always a lil' lack of self-confidence
so i really hope that this new responsibility that i am taking on will change me in that...
*keeping my fingers crossed

as always...being the most outdated person around
i've not been watching a lot of movies lately (in the cinema i mean)
just 2 movies that i thought i would never consider watching
first it was the confession of a shopaholic (omg!girls can go to that extent when it comes to shopping!!!)
and he's just not that into you (which i decided to watch coz i totally heart jen aniston n connelly)
i am never a big fan of these sorta girlie movies or movies about bgr coz they totally bores me
but i think i should watch it once in a while
at least it can update me a lil' when i was to have bimbo talks in the office
yips has been commenting about me being bimbo lately
which i totally dont understand why!!?!!
just because i could pronounce some words properly??!!
anyways..again..i will be cool with destructive comments like this
i am hoping to catch cepat & ganas 4 before it stop showing
or maybe i should save the money and just download the 'ehem' version?
but ah hiong say it is better to watch it in the cinema coz the effects will be awesome
i think prolly i'll just catch it in singapore since i will be there next week
and i hope it doesnt rain too often next week when i am there
so i can go on another photography trip!

friday is my last day in arachnid
i hope no one will make me cry on that day
coz i can be quite a wussy sometimes
i know i am gonna miss them..
those who are still around
and those who has left
but if moving on is what's best for me
i'll have to do it
i really really do believe that one day
we will meet again, and working together again emo no cool be cool

on a happier note
i've bought a CM690, a tagan 600W PSU and ASUS's M4n78Pro
the next will be the 7750 or maybe quad 9950....
hmmm..still in dilemma
ocz nvidia SLi ready 4GB kit
these 5 things can get my new system up while i hunt for my soundcard and graphic card
ASUS D2x and XFX 9800GT
retail therapy really does work!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i came into the office this morning
just to realize that uncle remi, hamyu, ling ling, karen wong & syam are no longer part of arachnid anymore
i sat down a while
trying to recall all the great times we've spent together
especially working on numerous projects together

they are the best bunch of people i've ever worked with in my life

i hope later in the future
our paths will cross again
i never like changes
but i know that changes are inevitable

time doesnt recover what you've lost
but will keep what you've gained
you guys have not only become great colleagues to me
but good friends that i thought i could never get in the working world

thanks guys
thanks for bringing me to tremendous personal growth
thanks for enduring my silliness and stupidity and ignorance all the time too
i look forward
to having you guys as workmates again someday

Friday, April 10, 2009

leica m8 white

leica's launching new m8 white

it will probably carry a similiar price tag as it's brother the m8 black
which is around a whooping rm21k (around USD5.5k)
i dont know who are their targeted market for this baby
but you've gotta be pretty loaded before u can even think of buying this
basically with this body and a 'normal' 50mm f2.0 lens
the total price tag of it will be around 30k
is it really worth it to pay that much for a camera?
even though the image quality of it is inexplicable?

i would think that this will be more of a collector's item
like the leica hermes which has a leather body
for normal people like me...i think canon is a more down to earth choice..
leica will only be something that i would think of buying unless i strike the lottery...
or my dad just somehow decided to buy it for me...

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

i've finally manage to fix my blog's template!!!!!
actually it is not rocket science
just that i'm such a big noob
that's why it took forever...
i am gonna give myself two juicy big slaps
*slap slap

now i can finally blog happily again without trying to avoid looking at the boring ugly old design!

it is raining outside
i am suppose to be in bed at this time
but editing the blog's css gave me some adrenaline rush
so now i feel like i wanna jump around the house like a crazy monkey until my pulses are back to normal

i think i can hear a lot of rempits trying to kill themselves on nkve now
the sound of their exhaust is making my heart pump a little bit faster...
and it makes me wanna run around the house like a crazy monkey again

i need to go to sleep ler..
it's like way pass my bedtime...