Thursday, September 25, 2008

captain earthkid jr "ekid' aivee
a.k.a captain kukubot

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

all shorts day!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

may love will always be there
in life after life, age after age...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

a couple years ago.. i came across exabytes through a friend and some online banners
i was actually in the midst of looking for a hosting company myself for my wedding portfolio site

it was not until 2 years ago that i finally decided to use their services
partly it was because though there were a few choices in my list

exabytes seems to be the only one that doesn't have a bad review from people i know who uses it

anyways...their current website design has been around for almost 2 years
they will soon be announcing the launch of the new site and i am one of the lucky ones that were given this opportunity to have a sneak preview of the newly revamped site

the new site still have the clean and tidy look which was inherited from the old site
but the dynamic cross sell banner on the top was taken away...this is something i find pretty useful on the previous site
i've always think that this is a really good way for those sites that has to many things to shout out on the main page...
it will be much better to have this rather than having too many cross sell banners that will make the site looks like some advertising space...with too many information cluttered together

one of the newly added feature is the express links where you get to choose exactly what you need and what fits you the best
a small buy very thoughtful feature... :)

second added feature which is the drop down sub navigation that leads you straight to where you wanna surf, compared to the previous site where you need to go into more levels for the information you need...which can turn out to be quite confusing sometimes

clients testimonials section for giving good impressions to potential clients, i think it is pretty important to let people know how reliable your hosting plans are, and how good the after sales service can be, thus client's testimonials really do help as most people will do research based on testimonials given by other users

the preview site still have quite some broken links that are not fixed...i believe by the time they launch it should already be resolved...

here's the url to the current site : exabytes

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

nice design at suamlom night market

my first encounter with a new rav4!

bw & rings

kk's bday celebration at bubba gump

look at all those monitors!

so gay~

lexus Sc430 spotted at phileo!

i don't know what car this is...a sickly modded dodge viper perhaps?

zam trying to read my dad's new phone's manual

thanks lil rabbito!

typo error spotted...why no copy check?!

puggy in action!

zamwe & giant pocky

new book shelf


pepper sprays that are laoya

urban survival workshop by captain bala...

nice design from pull & bear

zamwe & camel

zam & moose

johnny walker miniatures

OMG!F1 LEGO giant figurine!

very yummy quiche

very nice cake...can't remember the's from secret recipe zen