Friday, January 23, 2009

KL Bird Park Part 2 food

dont know what is her problem again


broken wing

my fav shot

it looks as though the other bird is headless

KL Bird Park Part 1



what is your problem har?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

why peugeot 206 drain battery

a wonderful site to check for your starter and battery failure problem
car cough clinic

i came across this site while googling for puggy starter's problem
as usual
when i was suppose to leave home to get the mraz tickets at sungai wang
puggy decided that this is not a good day for him to leave the house
so he refuses to start up again

this month was already like the worst month to begin a new year with
my life is already full of shit
and puggy just couldn't resist to add some more onto it!
i freaked out a bit and was worry it might be my starter motor that is giving me the problem again
luckily i came across this site to verify that i actually have a flat battery!
not that i am happy i have a flat battery
but if i were to compare it to a faulty starter motor
a flat battery would be something more delightful to know of
though it costs me a bomb!
somehow i think the workshop uncle sees this as a great opportunity to 'chop my vegetable head'

damn it!
the old battery is not even a year!!!
can u stop draining my batteries?
do u know how expensive these dry cells can cost me?!??!
if u are gonna do this again
i am not gonna wash u for a half a year!!!


no point crying over spilled milk
i will try to check and see why puggy just have to use finish up a dry cell every year

Point 1
according to some forums
puggy's radio tends to be one of the main reason
everytime u turn off the engines
the radio will make a hissing noise as though as it's still trying to play a disc in it
so the best way to prevent this is to make sure there arent any cds in it
later i will go downstairs and remove the stupid cd in it

Point 2
it might be some cut-off problem with my dynamo/alternator area, i need to make sure the output from the alternator is above 14 volts
ok..this one i need a voltmeter
will go back to segamat and use dad's

Point 3
there might be some draining-out through earth
but i double checked all the wires
all of it is still nicely wrapped and it's not in direct contact with any metal on the body or chassis that could cause a earth draining

ok...if the problem still persist
i am gonna bring puggy to visit an autoelectrician
and let him burn another hole in my pocket again

Thursday, January 01, 2009

miami ink

ami james

chris nunez

why we don't have cool people like them to start a malaysia ink?