Friday, November 27, 2009

yeah right!



berjalan kaki~

Thursday, November 26, 2009

a funny photo i found in my collection
it seems to me that most of the people will prolly end up with the photos of same angle

mom : faster smile!taking picture liao!
dad : eh eh!i not ready lar!yor~

i like colors?

i like randomness!


Friday, November 13, 2009

i suddenly felt the urge that i need to write about this
it all happened coz i was working in the office over the weekend
and arrived at the pantry to make my usual cup of coffee
just to realise that the pantry is in a freakin' mess!

cups, glasses, plates, bowls, plastic containers all scattered around unwash
and releasing that awful stench that i could hardly breath in is not something new
as the same thing happened to me during my employment in other agencies
i've never worked in non-agencies before
so the conclusion i can give here is
agencies people are just plain fucking lazy and are fucking spoilt brats
i dont understand why is it so difficult to wash your utensils after using it
especially those that carries stuffs that will form bad odour
didnt your teachers/parents/textbooks taught you to be a clean and tidy person?
or just because there are kakaks around that will help you do it so you're allow to act like a spoilt brat?
sometimes i just pity the kakaks that has chosen to work in agencies

ok..enough of ranting
i think i need to go to sleep
it is 5.38am in the morning..
but i am feeling so awake and lost in time
i hate jobs that has got fucked-up timelines lar!