Thursday, March 29, 2007

eunice with a nasty look
and on her right side is alvin...but didn't get him in the pic

i was trying to do some slow-mo action
i forgot what was karen laughing for

shuk doing his tamama/keroro hand gesture
celeste seems very happy with her

big juicy kiss from beatrice!

yus can still open her eyes with the 30d's super strong flash

we had a farewell dinner with shuk last thursday
at chillis klcc
i had fish n chips again
some ordered triple...
and frankly speaking...
for the rest..i have no idea what the name of the dishses are
it was a fine dinner...

at least it's not at jumpa..
i nearly fainted when he told me where was it
how cheapo can this person be?
anyways..will have more images later
when miss c decided to send me the images she took...
wah biang..
say tonight want to send...
bayang pun takde...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

people don't just land on mountain tops
they had to climb...
some climbed hard
what am i doing at the bottom wondering around?


anyways, adobe had just released the new adobe suite CS3
the most prominent improvement from flash
is that now you get to import stuffs from photoshop and illustrator
while preserving its layers and structure...
how wonderful can that be
and moreover
now the vector drawing for flash has incorporated the powerful shape drawing of illustrator
this is actually the best i can imagine
everyone who used flash before will realise
how difficult it is to trying to draw out something properly like illustrator

and with the new photoshop
you even get to do animation in it...
and then import as flv to flash!!
how wonderful that will be
they now have smart filters...
so when u rotate...resize or warp your images..
you don't need to worry that it will spoil your image quality

ok..i can't wait for the ehem version to come out
because i don't have money to get the originals

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

i'm addicted to more and more photo manipulation techniques
photoshop is really fun to experiment with
and i posted 3 posts within a day!!!
that's a new record again....


since i love basketball so much..

i've decided to choose this
ripped it of from
it's copyrighted...'s the tutorial you've requested

here's to adjust the level abit
move it to the right side to bring out more black in the image

duplicate the background layer

select desaturate and the image adjustment

this is how it looks like when it's desaturated

create a new empty layer to put in the color
i've chosen this color
it's sorta brownish
makes really good sepia tone

select overlay for the layer's blend mode

change the opacity a little lower
for my case
i've chosen 60%

select a new adjustment layer - curves
curves are actually one of the best tool to create different look and feel for your images
but providing you need lotsa try and errors to get the best result

this is how your curves layer is gonna look like

create a new empty layer
then use the marquee tool to select a rectangle on the image
the rectangle must not be the entire part of the image
maybe like 20 pixels inner of it
then select the feather tool
i used 40 pixels, it's up to u...
this will create a nice curvy corner selection for u...
go to the next step

then select inverse
go to the next step

fill in the selection with black color
for that layer
use overlay for it's layer's blend mode
this is to add the vignett effect around the image...
mind my english..
this is the final touch

ok i'm planning on a bbq...
probably it will end up during may or june...

what i've been thinking is the kind of grilled kebab bbq...
i have a handful of recipes...

which i think is more than enough

gotta do a survey
of what my friends eat and don't eat...
everyone is invited...

just let me know earlier that you're coming
so i can make sure that the amount of food prepared is enough

mm..let me see
there're probably gonna be hamburgers too
who doesn't eat capsicums...please let me know...
cucumber..marshmellows...sliced lemon...olive oil...
so many things to prepare...
here's a mouth-watering image of the kebab bbq

damn it...
i'm hungry now

Monday, March 26, 2007



ok..after watching 300
i love the style so much...
decided to figure out how i can achieve something like it... blog will be full of images that are 300 alike...
it's still not that perfect...
i'll need sometime to figure out something better...

Sunday, March 25, 2007

why is it so freakin difficult to find myself a 206????

stop being so fussy~~!!!!
* slaps own face

why can't i just put my pride down and drive a japanese car????
* slaps own face again

Saturday, March 24, 2007's been long since i've last written 2 posts a day
but i just can't help it
catched the movie 300 today
awesome movie with a great storyline
i wasn't actually expecting much in the story
looking at the fact that it has really great visual effects
very frank miller style...
or rather a style nicknamed "the crush"
and credits to gerald butler...
frankly speaking...
he didn't leave much of an impression to me in the phantom of the opera
but here..
it's totally a different story
he as king leonidas carried himself with great power
and his fury voice and accent really made him shine

the movie is not about pure violence
it's about the fight for freedom
it's something people still do now
a fight for your family...friends and country

thumbs up...
and eagerly waiting for spiderman 3 now...
ok...i'm finally watching 300 today...
laugh all you want~!
but last week was like a dream
especially at work...
things happened so fast
i wasn't able to gain control of anything
but well..
2 more weeks ahead...
maybe if things turned out to be really bad...
i will clear my MCs...

Oxford Fajar??This.Is.SPARTA!!*sepak*


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

i've acquired some new techniques and skills and i'm not afraid to show it... walla~

beautiful wedding with beautiful people
isn't that what a wedding is all about?
for more

Sunday, March 18, 2007







ok..believe it or not..i wrote those
my mandarin has always been better than my english

and i used to love writing poems
anyways...nuff said
i just went to pre-ordered the final harry potter book
by looking at the title
it made me feel like harry's gonna die in this book
it's like already 10 whooping years
since the first harry potter book
so after this...
no more hogwarts...
no more harry... hermoine... ron... neville... luna... ginny... fred... george... arnold... molly... lupin... mcgonagall... hagrid...

can't wait for this book...
21st of july 2007...
it's another 124 days...
so slow...

Saturday, March 17, 2007

if going home on time means that i'm useless...
then i am...

why do i always get this feeling???


pan's labyrinth checked...awesome movie with superb cinematography
and the storyline was really good too
who would have thought of to relate war with a fantasy world?
i ain't no movie critics...
movies that i think are nice
might not apply the same to others...
but i like this movie..
and paying rm6 for it it's definitely damn worthy
though it was in spanish...
the subs helped...
i did a spanish & chinese wedding last week...
listening to people speaking spanish in real life
it's definitely not the same in the movie... target...muhksin & 300

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

my must watch movies list :

1. pan's labyrinth
2. mukhsin
4. pirates of the carribean 3 : at world's end

spiderman 3
charlotte's web
7. 300

7 x RM6 = RM42
if can't get wednesday or early bird...
it will be 7 x RM9 = RM63 ( for tgv )
7 x RM10 = RM70 ( for gsc )
look me in the eyes... and tell me the truth and nothing but the truth...
how to save money ler.....

the best way is to be super outdated...
and buy those 'ehem' dvds
then it will be 7 x RM4 = RM28

Friday, March 09, 2007

should i or should i not?
but..what is there to think about?
i'll get to meet my idol
and act like a total loony in front of her..
there are no buts...
isn't this what you've always wanted????
a pathway to your dreams?

*slaps own face hard
just fucking say yes....

p/s : crossing borders again...i pray it's a bright and sunny day tomorrow...
pp/s: i'll also pray that it will be a bright and sunny day on sunday...

ppp/s: anyone got any nice hotel to intro at Bali ar?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

when you thought you've seen it all...
life is all about surprises...

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

i edited a bit...nicer right?

yes..i've worked with them, but i'm nothing like them...hohoho

zam zam saying goodbye

yes..she is crying

eunice thinks we can't see her...and alvin is hoping we can see him...

kiss kiss...

thai club's food wasn't that nice anymore
but what the's really cheap...
the point we were there...
is just to have a great time with karen
so she will miss us forever
it feels weird not seeing your mails every morning...