Monday, May 25, 2009

they are all just illusions
so don't take it too seriously
just do what you think is right
there is no one there to tell you what's wrong and what's right anyways

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Microsoft badly named 'CIBAI'

there was this huge hype in malaysia's and singapore's twitterverse yesterday
an article from microsoft spreaded like wild fire across the virtual land of these two countries
it was just because the software was badly named, CIBAI
to the folks from the western countries
they'd probably never figure out why is it so wrong to name it CIBAI
which is not even an acronym to anything, it is just some randomly generated name that they just decided to plonk in
but over here, every singaporeans and malaysians are going like WTF & LOL

in the event of this
me and my friend couldnt help but wonder will there be more names like this coming out?
maybe things like SOHAI (Sequential Operational Hierarchy Artificial Intelligence)?
or LANJIAO (hamyu please fill in this blank)

here's a screencap of this LOL & WTF article

or click here for da real thang

Friday, May 08, 2009

my apartment is like a oven now
and i feel like a piece of meat that is slowly cooking inside
waiting to be served later
everyday i wake up sweating like nobody's business from my sleep
in result
my laundry is piling up like nobody's business too

i am finally back in KL
it has been 2 tiring weeks
from singapore to segamat then to bali
then back to KL
singapore's weather is crazy...
one minute it is hot like hell
the next thing u know
it is raining dinosaurs and meteors
segamat, bali and KL are totally the same
the sun shines so hot that it is trying to squeeze out every ounce of liquid u have in your body
walao eh...
raining season faster come please...

i went back to alatnit's office yesterday
and i am really happy to see the guys
damn it
i think i still miss the good ol' times
but i will have to be cool
maybe the new place is like alatnit too?

the flu is not going away
it's been 2 weeks
u all can stop thinking it might be swine flu
coz i went to the doctor d...
it is just a normal flu
with the weather like that
it is not really helping me to recover lor
i will bring this flu to the new office and spread my love
*cough cough
damn the stupid weather!