Wednesday, August 30, 2006

after launching 30D on 21st February 2006
canon finally released the long-awaited EOS 400D

- a 10.1 megapixel babe...
- 9 focus point
- canon intergrated cleaning system
- 6 picture syles just like the 30D

estimated to be about RM4k++

click here for more preview

i still prefer eos 30D
i was in a rather unsteady mood these few days...
waiting for something or someone to trigger it
i don't know why...
maybe it's because of the series of unfortunate events that i've gone through
aiks...sounds so drama and emo...

i was a educated barbarian yesterday
it wasn't all my fault though

i flared...
with vulrgarity...
it wasn't all my fault though

i took off from work early yesterday evening
and thought that i could make it home before 6.30
when i arrived at kj's lrt station
i was stunned to find out that
there's the moronic brainless apple green kelissa
with the car plate number BGQ 979 blocking my way

here's my question
how can someone be so stupid and ignorant not to realise
that he/she is actually blocking my car?
he/she's parking on a illegal spot...

at first...
i waited patiently
i was actually
secretly giving the person a time...
i would say that if he/she appear in the first 20 minutes...
i might just accept his/her apologies and bla off...

i sat on the back of my car...
and waited..
i can feel my body's getting bit warm...
my fists starting to swing...

there are a few indian workers there even tried to push the car to the front
but it was on hand-break...
so their efforts have brought to no avail

i waited...
and waited...

it was a she who came
and you know what
she totally ignored my existence
and walked straight towards her car...
i can feel my blood boiling instantly
i thought i was gonna punch her
but i didn't
i should have....

i opened her car door
and told her to get down of the car
i cursed like nobody's business
i can't control it
i think my words came out faster than my mind has to process it

i acted like a moron yesterday
but it wasn't all my fault though
maybe it was just the wrong time...wrong place...
and i've accumulated enough misery in my tiny-winy body...

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

if i do stumble upon you again
believe me
i will fucking wolap you
till you regret that your mom has ever given birth to you...

because of people like you
the society has become loveless...
people don't help each other out anymore...
the intention of being helpful became idiotic...
those people who really needed help were neglected and ignored...

you are..indeed...
the vermint of the soceity...

i made a conclusion this morning
after several deep thoughts

i'm a idiotic moron
in many ways...

:: enough said ::

p/s : if you can find anyone more idiotic and moronic than me...drop me a msg here...

Monday, August 28, 2006

this was how the lrt looked like on friday
we were there when the train arrived
but everyone was chased down
and it feels like i'm back during working hours

updated pictures from the claypot rice at petaling street
tender juicy chicken
with generous amount of salted fish
and fresh vegetables to wash away the oiliness
the best is the rice at the bottom of the claypot
a bit burnt out and crunchy

total cost of the meal RM17.60
with 2 person dining

had bah kut teh at the famous ban lee beside dynasty hotel jalan ipoh
i can now believe that i'm a bad person
coz elly said that usually bad person don't get car parks
i turned at least 4 rounds around the buidling like an idiot
to finally get to secure a carpark
as usual...
the place is always crowded with people

before our rice and the claypot bah kut teh arrived
the vege...yau char guai and fu zhuk taufu pok were almost cleared by us
it was a pleasant and delightful meal...
minus the busy traffic as we're dining by the roadside
the sup don't taste like normal bkt
it has a little bitterness in it
and you can actually smell the herbs in it...
and the sup is slightly darker in color
bkt in klang valley and KL usually serve fragrant rice
as for the northern part of malaysia such as malacca and johor
it will usually be served with yam rice...with a little dried prawns in it
which is not what i prefer...

dinner adds up to a total of RM35.40
divided by 3 person
you do the math
i'm lazy

i remembered
i have a friend who once asked me
why is it call bah kut teh?
note : bah = meat , kut = bone , teh = tea
as there's no tea ingredients within the sup
i told him
bah kut teh should be taken with good quality chinese tea
to cleanse away the fatiness of the pork
and the herbs that's used to boil the sup
will provide your body the energy and strength that you need...

this is not the best bah kut teh i had
i still prefer the one in subang...
opposite metropolitan college
will try to grab some shots
if i happen to visit it again~

Sunday, August 27, 2006

i'm gonna tell a story here
a story of what happened to me on friday...
while waiting for my hair to dry before i go to sleep
i just came back from a bbq at my cousin's house
i'm exhausted...sweaty...and smelt like charcoal

it goes like...
long long time ago...
not that lone though...
it was just two days ago...

on friday
i woke up...early like every usual and normal morning
took me bath...squeezed like sardines in lrt
reached office...
tapaoed my usual mihun goreng telor for lunch

started fixing maxis's chinese portal
i left office at 12...
walked down to hsbc at jln sultan ismail
and felt the sudden chill through my spines...
it's just the aircon though
took the lucky number 5019...
and waited one and half hour...
opened an account...
applied for a credit card...
and bought a medical savings insurance of manulife (??)
waited another 20 mintues just to get the security device for online banking
and went down to change my password for atm card
the moment i slipped the card in...
the machine stopped functioning
and on the screen conveyed the message

"we're regret to tell you that your card can't be retrieved
please contact customer service"

so i walked back to third floor
they say that i can only collect it on monday...
oh well...
wat to do?
i walked back to office
and received a message from karen
she told me zam's been crying on my desk
so she brought him into the meeting room with her

everyone was gathering near my table when i got back
there are people jumping down KL tower...
they are not commiting suicide
they are parachuting..

and i waited for karen to finish the meeting
so i can save zam from her hedious claws...

heavy down pour in the evening...
lrt brokedown as usual...
* hopeless sigh
supposed to meet dor at pasar seni station
but none of the public transport is available
i decided to walk
everywhere was flooded
i took off my shoes and socks
roll up my jeans to my knees
and walked through the water

dor was stranded in the lrt
it took her almost 2 hours to reach pasar seni
i'd already reach segamat if driving
she missed her bus...
a man stopped by..
and bla stories...
to beg for 50 bucks
i gave him
though everyone will think that he's a con
but he reminded me of what happened years ago
when a kind couple offered me SGD20 to cab home
from the horrible christmas crowd at orchard road
i hope i helped him..
either the good way or bad...
we had dinner at the famous claypot rice at petaling street

took a bus back
number 33D
it stopped at giant kelana jaya
and we walked all the way from there to kelana jaya's lrt station for the car
dor told me she has walked the amount of foot steps accumulated over months...
got home
and sleep to death

Thursday, August 24, 2006

hugs....with all the love i can give
hugs....with hopes that you are doing fine
hugs....with determination never to let you go
hugs....with will to stand by you even if you're being unreasonable
hugs....with passion to love you till the end of my days
hugs....with strength that can carry you over the highest mountain and deepest sea

let me hold your hand and walk down this long and winding road together...alright?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

my ipod is playing...

christina aguilera's back to basic's album
juwita suwito's brand new world's album
david tao's beautiful's album
norah jones & the little willies's album
michael buble's
jamie cullum's
soundtracks from the Lake House
jack johnson's
ginny owen's
the carpenters's
fort minor's rising tide's album

can you hear how i feel?

Monday, August 21, 2006

i went back to segamat last weekend
mom and dad were glad that i'm back...
they were fighting for turn to talk to me
i tried my very best to pay full attention to the both of them

but as you know
i can't multitask
so i told them..
to talk one by one

i think i should go back more often
they must be pretty lonely...
though most of the time
dad n mom will be out for mahjong games

if i do go home
i'll usually be home alone on saturdays
so i waxed my car
and dad came back
so i waxed his
after that
i can feel that both arms are pratically numb

during dinner time
mom nagged at dad
asking why did he let me waxed both cars on my own
dad said he helped
and i told mom so too
though he just stood there and handed me cloths and scotch towels...

dad was having a bit of a flu
which he claimed he got it from mom

now i'm experiencing cough and running nose
let me spread to everyone in the office
i shall go to every department and sneeze and cough

* cough cough
* ha chewwww~~~

dad's car looked like a new car after the waxing
and mom said it will be back in square one after few days
coz dad doesn't really know how to take care of his car
h vocab of washing a car is using a pail of water with a piece of cloth
to wipe the whole car

had bah kut teh yesterday morning as usual
it was so delicious
rather pity that i was having a very bad sore throat
so what i did was eating it without cili padi and rice
i think the shop must have been a relative of ajinomoto
where they have endless supply of ajinomoto
coz after the meal
i drank almost half a gallon of water
but i still feel as thirsty as a camel

i'm still thirsty now
and i have an itchy throat..
and zam's listening to my ipod...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

i've been pressing on my left eye all night
i can feel a lump..
it hurts everytime i squeeze it...
but the feeling is nice...

i'm not some kinda SM freak...
is just that the feeling is pressing onto a pimple
since i hardly have any pimples appearign on my face...
thus i kinda enjoy it...

oh well well...
i just have one trying to pop out from my nose..
it hurts everytime i rub my nose...
back to work again...
it's really cold in the office...
and i might not be able to claim the money i paid for my doctor...
because the finance peep said that i'm supposed to collect my medical card
and i thought that the card that i've collected was the medical card..
nevermind lor...
so many cards...
make me luan~

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

that freakin piece of crap growing in my left eye is a total bugger
the doc said i should wait till it bursts...and then resolve... left vision is only about 5mm in height...
so if i drive and knock into someone else's car
i'm not guilty...

typing in chinese ain't as easy as it seems...
my powerpoint exe is failing on me...
my lunch got invaded by an army of ants...
let me moan~~~~
to my inevitable sadness
coz lady luck has left me to take a day's off...

Monday, August 14, 2006

it was debbie's convo yesterday...
and i've taken this opp. to drive down to cyberjaya
to my long missed uni campus (as if)
i had to park my car like so super duper far away from the campus...
due to the kiasuness of malaysians
i reckon i reach there pretty early...
but still...i'm just one step behind..

oh well..

MMU has got a new hall!
compared to the dewan negeri in Malacca
i think i'd exchange to graduate one year later
so that i can have my convo here

the new hall looks cool..damn high tech...
and very new...i can even smell it new...
* sniff sniff

and met up with nana and shervie
and oh ya
hatim was there too...
wearing his robe..
and i think he's having a good life now
coz he put on weight...

the crowd was horrible...
especially when the prisoners were released...
eh..i meant graduand...

i hate people whom i don't know touching me
i so feel like pushing everyone away
push their sticky and disgustingly sweaty body away...
just if i have the strength of Superman...

and imagine
when you mix issey
every sort of perfume you can name together
with the stench of human body...
you know what you get???
something that can wake the dead from their graves!

there's lotsa stalls selling food and drinks...and games...
it looks more like a carnival...
nice lor..
compared to last year..
wah sian...

me & dor bought a shake-head mickey for debbie
cute fella
i got distracted at work on friday..
coz i spent most of my time looking at it shaking its head

had lunch with debbie..her parents, her bf, dor, shervie and nana...

p/s : i'm glad i'm not the only one with a big camera there...saw some dudes with dslr...but mostly nikons...where have all the canons gone~~~??

friday was bowling day
i think i sucked in bowling
the ball just an't seem to roll straight..
even though how straight i've aimed it...

i've often said that i can't play any games which the ball(s) smaller than the size of a basketball
i guess i was wrong...
a bowling ball is defintiely bigger than a basketball
i'm such a loser...

so in conclusion
i would say that i won't make a good sniper outta myself either