Sunday, September 30, 2007

bmw x6 & ferrari f430 scuderia

cars cars cars...
cameras cameras cameras...
computer computers computers...'s my life~!

ok..stop being's weather is hot like hell...
now i'm like having sauna in my own living room
damn it...i cannot use air con..because it's not enviromental friendly...
the weather nowadays is going crazy...because nobody is recycling or trying to save energy...
one day earth is just going to explode...and everyone will die~

during the frankfurt motorshow 2007
bmw released its new bmw x6 which is a cross SUV
which is also the first hybrid from BMW
p/s : do you know that porsche was the first automobiole manufacturer to come out with hybrid cars?
the x6 is like a JLO version of BMW...look at its big butt!
it will prolly be roll out during 2009, and as usual, there will be a non-hybrid version of it...

i think it looks so much like a sports SUV instead...

usually...every year, the frankfurt motorshow is like the best, those big automobile manufacturers will aim to release new models, new concept cars, new technology...yada yada...
so this year, the x6 definitely grabbed my attention
ferrrari also released the f430 scuderia
ok lar...i never really liked ferraris, because i know it's a car i will never be able to afford it
maybe later on i can afford the rims...or the bonnet cover..
but this ferrari is different
this is a ferrari that my fav. F1 driver miki shumical( i cnat speel) helped to develop
basically, it's the same family as the f430 and the f430 spider, which runs on a v8 engine...
acceleration from 0-100km/h is less than 3.6s!!!
it has a v8 510hp 4308cc engine..............................................ok,you can close your mouth now
max speed is 320km/h, si=o i think hor..this car cannot be driven in malaysia...because you will definitely get so many summons until your jaws drop~but come to think of it, if you can afford to buy a car like this, you prolly won't mind paying those summons...or maybe this car is like so fast..the speed limit detector will not be able to catch it...the car will prolly just flash through and the police will prolly be like "ape tu?"

when it comes to design, i personally like the f430 spider better...though i can't really see much difference between these 3 cars...they look almost identical in the front...the back got cahnges here and there a bit...


f430 spider

f430 scuderia

the three cars looked really alike, just a little tweaking of the outlook...
but i still like the spider better...maybe because it's a convertible
ok time got money i should fly to frankfurt for the car show...and take super nice shots back to sell...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

iphone & ipod touch to malaysia

ok...since i always thought that i am an apple fan, even though the only thing i have from apple is a 2 years old ipod video, but as apple has always spam me with all the product newsletters, thus i tend to be very aware of any new gadgets from them...

so .... from the oh so great iphone to the recently launched ipod touch

they are like screaming to me in the online ads that i've come across...


i know is hightime for me to change my handphone
it is old...full of problem and not very posh

for those who doesn't know..i'm still using a almost 5 years old nokia 3300, and i have been hunting for a new handphone since god knows when

after making a historical entry to the world...
i think probably there are like millions of websites and blogs writing reviews about the iphone and ipod touch

basically, all of these doesn't really affect me much as i am an apple fan, i will buy it because it's cool and sleek even though i know that there are plenty of music players and handphones out there which are way better and way cheaper...
and this is why also that i'm driving a puggy 206, despite its high fuel consumption and maintenance that i have to willingly pay every month

anyways, this is about ipod touch and iphone...
as iphone being one of the most hyped gadget ever realeased...
it too made a great impact on me...
just like love at first sight...
i am sure that if i strike a lottery now
they will be the first 2 things that i will lay my hands on, but since it will only happen in my dreams, it is better that i just figure out how to save or earn money to get them
there are some people selling it on local forums, which it doesn't cost like a bomb as i thought, after the conversion it only goes about rm2500
ok lar...quite expensive actually...with another 1k more, my 70-200 ISF4 will be within reach...

the easier way is..i can be a total loser and just get the money from dad for the iphone, which i believe that he will willingly pay for it...but damn it...i'm trying to live on my own without relying on anyone...especially my dad and my i will start chanting now...

for more iphone poison, click here
and for more ipod touch poison, click here

why malaysia got so many kinda credit cards?

i am planning to apply for another credit card
looking at so many banks offering so many kinda credit cards
as usual
my little simple mind started to mess around with itself again~

what i have in mind now is alliancebank with ikea's friends credit card
and citibank with airasia everyone can fly's card
it would be great if i can get something that has waiver for a lifetime
but as far as i know...
only the UOB One card has something like this
it's like if you have at least 6 transactions per year for the card
you will get the annual waiver
you can even redeem cash rebates while buying things...
the card has like a partnership with a list of merchants that offer cash rebates if you spend an amount of money there

i'm getting a little more messed up now...
let me sort out my priorities

i like the ikea friend's card is because you get to enjoy lotsa benefits
if you plan to buy lotsa furniture from ikea...
it will come in really handy once i've gotten my new place
with the interest free payment plan...
at least i get to buy more furnitures without having to pay up a lump sum one time...
and while buying from ikea
you get to collect friends points which later on you can use it to redeem vouchers for ikea's products...
even better~!
what interests me is because it comes with a 5 year's waiver too...
so maybe 5 years later i can just cancel the card...

ok lar...
the airasia's card also like not bad
get to earn points and get discounts if you're planning to fly every year
which is something that i'm planning to do...
what's best is the points never expire~
but i have to pay a RM70 waiver every year lor...
not very attractive like that

i am not kiam siap or stingy
but just trying to get the best deal...
since i hardly use my credit cards
it is basically just for petrol and emergencies...
Malaysia's banks have like tons of different kinda cards
it can really mess someone like me up just by trying to figure out which is the best one
i am currently holding a hsbc classic visa which is my own
and a supplementary card from my dad
every month
i will have to call up my dad to ask him how much i've spent on each card
because i never seem to be able to keep track of it!!
can't imagine myself with more than 2 cards
so what i've decided to do it
since my waiver for hsbc's card will end this december
i will just get it canceled while hunting for another new card
so in the meantime...i can still hang on to dad's card for emergencies...
but which card should i apply ar....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

why can't you just freakin' leave me alone...
and let me get on with my pathetic life?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

why is my blogger always dead at night?

weddings last weekend!

the couple was fabian & louise, kok sing & yen yin

i never did like 2 weddings together within a weekend

and did i mention i was sick with fever and flu
i swore to myself

that i will never ever do this again
no matter how broke i am anymore...
now i have tons of images to pp...

kok sing & yen yin in their humble toyota camry

louise and fabian in their sickly modded 530i with m5 bodykit

i am going to bangkok next may!
hooray...thanks airasia
now I can fly!
shuk say should bring more money if it happened to be on a weekend
coz chatuchak will suck u dry....
but i'll be going there for pictures...
not shopping....
okay...maybe buying some t-shirt for myself is a good idea
sometimes i just don't know what to wear to work
you will understand what i mean when you look at my pathetic wardrobe

why are branded handbags all so expensive?
got people actually pay a few grands to buy one?
siao lor~

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

ya..i am pathetic...
so very pathetic

Friday, September 14, 2007

i've experienced a fever so high
i snapped in the middle of it...
and thought i was going to die...
silly ain't i?

i hope this fever will go away soon
i have wedding assignments this weekend!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

i am a lazy.. rude.. obnoxious.. barbaric.. moronic.. idiotic.. stupid & brainless bastard, brat, loser or whatever you wanna call it but i am happy for the way i am...

i saw a bentley continental gt
and got really excited about it
after often do you come across a car like this?
i for one...this is the first time i've ever seen it!
according to my collegue chee heng, the owner has like a 7 series, a new s class...etc rich~

the car is a ferocious beast
552bhp, top speed 315km/h, from naught to 100km/h in just 4.8sec
6 liters engine in W, with 4 banks of 3 cylinders
i can't even imagine the feeling of driving it on the road...
a review in topgear by the famous jeremy clarkson

Monday, September 10, 2007

i want a 70-200 F4 IS!!!
i want a 70-200 F4 IS!!!
i want a 70-200 F4 IS!!!
i want a 70-200 F4 IS!!!

enough of bimboiticness in my blog
i can't wait for another photographic trip
miss karen (bukan nama sebenar)...
when will u be getting your DLSR?
u are waiting for canon to zhap lap so you can get cheaper goods is it???
then u'll have to slow slow wait lar...
and mr. remi
yu buy your camera so you can KEEP it is it?
i suggest you frame it also lar~

in the meantime
canon came out with heart breaking news for 30D users like me...
they've launched the 40D about a week ago
so i'll be expecting the price of 30D going down slope
nikon also don't wanna loose
so they launched D3 and D300
so now you'll be expecting quite some D1x and D200 on FTZ...
some people are just so rich...
that they can afford to change gears like changing clothes...
why my father is not lim goh tong ar?
life is always not fair one...

but i know even if the whole world turn its back upon me
i will still have you by my side...

don't ask me why suddenly got this phrase
i just feel like expressing it
can ar?

i think i need to go to bed...
too many condoms is bad for your health...

Saturday, September 08, 2007

we've gotta treat life as if it's a big clock
the clock keeps going no matter what...

Thursday, September 06, 2007

check out My Flickr for more

ok, before i forgot what happened during the trip
i'd better write it down first

First Day :
- depart from home at around 1.30pm
- reached LCCT at about 2.30pm, met up with the other bunch of people
- found out that the stupid flight is delay, our suppose flight should be at 4.50pm, but now it's changed to 5.55pm
- waited at macdonalds, had nuggets for lunch, drank coffeebean
- boarded the plane at 6.10pm, we took a MAN U Air Asia Airbus A320
- reached Bali at about 9.10pm, saw many ang mohs with surfboards
- met up with the driver from Dewi Sri Hotel and the tour guide Putra for our Bali trip, the other bunch of people stayed at Massa Inn at Kuta, ours is at Legian
- reached Hotel around 10pm, took bath, felt hungry, went down for dinner at the hotel's cafe, a freakin burger cost me RPH 35,000!

Second Day :
- woke up at 7pm, tour guide's worker Ketut( yaya...i know the name is like damn funny) picked the 5 of us up to meet the others
- went to the holy spring temple at tampak siring, it's also known as Tirta Empul Temple
- Lunch at dirty duck restaurant which is beside a paddy field, food is not bad, i had nasi goreng special indonesia which cost me around RPH 28,000
- went to Ubud's market, everyone bought something, negotiation skills are very important for shopping in Bali, Putra say is better to slash the price by at least 50% lower when negotiating...i totally fail doing it
- rushed to Uluwatu but to realise that we might be late for sunset at Jimbaran, so had a quick tour at Uluwatu
** travelling in Bali actually takes up quite a lot of time, especially from places to places, coz the road in Bali is exceptionally narrow, and the traffic is horrifying...motorcyclist there own the road, beware of them if you plan to rent a car there, make sure your skills are good enough to cruise your way through the streets of Bali
- sunset dinner at Jimbaran, mostly seafood, i only ate the egg, kangkung and fish, 15 of us ate about 1.5 million rupiah (OMG!!!We ate a house???!!)

Third Day :
- went to Tanjong Benoa for water sports, went to turtle island on a glass bottom boat, i don't like the way the tourist treated the animals on turtle island, it is so obvious that the animals want us to leave them alone...i feel like the tourist are just being so cruel coz they can't stop picking the turtle up for photos...i hate people like these...
- i went shooting around while the rest went jet-skiing and other water sports
- Babi Guling for lunch, it's not that bad, but after that i had to eat clorets and metos to get rid of the pork smell in my mouth
- went to Sukawati market for shopping
- sunset at Tanah Lot temple, spectacular view, shall go there again for more angle shots...
- dinner at a chinese restaurant at Kuta called Da Lao, they serve very nice chinese hong kong porridge and steambot, each porridge is priced around RPH 30,000

Fourth Day :
- Free & Easy all day
- spa in the afternoon at 2pm
- Free & Easy again

Fifth Day :
- Shopping & Surfing to end our last day in Bali
- Flight at 8.10pm,reached LCCT at around 11.20pm

Reminder for people who would to visit Bali next time
1. plan your trip well, Bali cannot be finished within a few days, coz the distance from one place to another takes hours, you have to at least go a few times to be able to cover all the famous spots on the island
2. do not change money there!the exchange rate sucks and you will loose a lot...try to use credit card if not enough money
3. remember to bargain, the more you buy, the cheaper you can get...
4. bring a calculator if you're on a shopping trip
5. you will see offerings on the floor of almost every place, please do not kick it, even if you did, remember to say sorry as those are offerings to the spirits around
6. walk, ride and drive carefully there, remember to watch out for motorcyclist who doesn't cherish their lives is a damn nice place...
i will be back......~

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

thank you....
for the wonderful memories...
i wish it was a dream that we never had to wake up to reality