Tuesday, February 28, 2006

my flash gurus

without them..there will be no me~

Flash Developers

found this pic online...edited it a lil'..phew...tony parker is so lucky to have found someone like her....but she's such a small lady..tony parker looks like a freakin' giant beside her...

my poor little red car...

i wish my poor little red car can drink water rather than petrol...

our beloved prime minister has announced late last night that the price of petrol will increase 30 cents immediately at 12am after the announcement.I felt my heart's sinking...now..per litre of unleaded petrol will cost RM1.92...for every litre i use...there will be an additional 30 cents burden slamping on my shoulder...the distance from here to Segamat is approximately 220km, per km of my car will consume about 14cents of petrol...every one trip back and forth Segamat will cost me about RM62...not including the tol...geezz....i wish i can ride a bike back...or maybe cycle back to segamat...sigh~

but at least...dear PM promised that there will be no increament of petrol price again this year..and yet of coz...it has increased 30 cents...come on...why there is no one to invent something to replace petrol???where are all the smart peeps whom invented bombs and nuclear weapons..got move your ass...and at least contribute something to the world~~!!!

Monday, February 27, 2006

cake in the office

debra & paul came with a cake..for me birthday...yummy..creamy cake..sigh~ i'm on diet..i ate a slice...felt fat after that...i was still in shock when they showed me the cake..didn't manage to take a full picture of it..but the happy word was still around when this image was taken..Happy Birthday to myself...


wonderful...contented...burped... nice meal...

here's from Chillis Bangsar, ermm..let me see..we ordered a quesidallas chicken salad, fish & chips ( mah fav ) & a triple play...wonderful~~

after dinner..we took a strool down starhill..and amazed to find out that there are so many restaurants around there...a blardy posh place where they sell all those expesnive fashion stuffs...some brands that i've never heard before...starhill has a bloody cool pathway leading to JW Mariott Hotel...which has all those kinda disco era light bulbs...dor say it was very distracting..

another wonderful...contented...burped... nice meal...
we were actually messing around in there...shot so many pics...my first time there..the grilled ikan kurau in watercress sauce was pretty nice...dor ordered mixed grilled...sam ordered t-bone steak...eli ordered rib-eye steak ( if m not mistaken )
check out the dudes~

ok..next session..back home...another cake blowing session...phew...mah fav choc banana cake!and i think we're making a fool outta ourselves...haha...but it was fun..sam has a fetish over liquor bottles...

p/s : ignore the bacardi bottle...took d picture..and i think is pretty nice..so just to share it...

Friday, February 24, 2006

- thoughts -

i've managed to meet up with a very good friend yesterday night, it wasn't long since the last time i saw her, but the thing that amazed me was the fact that she has changed soo much...

i didn't know that breaking up from a relationship can actually do so much to a person, she's totally changed her perspective towards life, she used to be a rather materialistic person, thinking that money can actually do anything, yet now, she's started to learn how to appreciate life the way she wants, to cherish every moment she can grab coz she will never know what's going to be hapenning tomorrow...i've get to understand how she feels..losing the one she loved...they've been together for so many years..yet things didn't worked out...i'm glad she managed to walk through that phase of life whereby i told her it will be a money-can't-buy experience...

her ex's happened to be a pretty close friend of mine too, the point is that i don't really understand why can he give up a 7 years long relationship to end up with a girl he barely knows?somehow...i wish i could understand what was on his mind, as i was not very happy with the explaination he gave me whereby he said he has lost the feeling towards my friend...it was kinda hilarious when he made that statement, i've asked him...how can you just loose a 7 years long feeling????he remained in silence..soon to know that it was all just excuses, unreasonable excuses...

on the other hand, i was pretty glad that things didn't worked out between them, as many may know that he's always been very messed up in his financial terms...i don't want my friend to be marrying him yet had to bare all his debts...after the brokeup...we've heard many rumours about his debts..maybe this was one of the reason that kept my friend's heart dead and not crying over him again...

everyone can recover from a breakup..it is only a matter of time...you should be happy if someone breaks your heart...coz she/he has given you the opportunity to get to grow up knowing that you have a heart...

cheers!!to all the hreatbreakers out there~~~
:: AMEN ::

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Canon DSLR 30D

Doesn't it make you drool~~

Canon has recently announced the release of the 30D, a mild revolution of the 20D, headline changes are a subtly redesigned body, spot metering...selectable continuous shooting speed... 100,000 shutter cycle life...a larger LCD monitor and the expected switch from simple image parameters to Canon's preferred PictureStyles.

From an imaging pipeline point of view this camera has the same sensor and image processor and the default PictureStyle matches the EOS 20D's default image parameters (hence expect exactly the same imaging performance). Good news also comes in the form of a slightly lower price than the EOS 20D.

Yippie...this will be the next camera i will be aiming for...GOD bless that i will soon have anough money to do so~~so...anyone needs a wedding photographer??You can reach me at 012-2802535 or leave a msg here...sigh~life is tough

New features / changes compared to the EOS 20D :
Redesigned body (more EOS 5D like)
Larger LCD monitor (2.5")
Soft-touch shutter release button
AE/AF lock remains set if shutter is kept half-pressed between shots
Faster startup and wake from sleep times
Direct print button on rear of camera (woo!)
Spot metering
100,000 shot shutter cycle
ISO selectable in third stop steps
ISO speed shown in viewfinder as you change it (still not once changed though)
Selectable 5 or 3 fps continuous shooting
PictureStyles instead of simple image parameters
9,999 images per folder (instead of 100 as per the EOS 20D)
15 menu languages (3 new)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

All Star Weekend

Yesterday was the all star game live in Houston, but sadly..i was working my ass out in the office, thus i can only follow the livebox score online, it was a rather dull game in the beginning, where the western conference is taking lead and iverson hasn't woke up from his slumberness, lebron on the other hand played really well..he scored most of the points and handed out several assists, yet the eastern conference lost out in the first 2 quaters...

when it came to the 3rd quater, most detroit players are in, hamilton and billups actually got the game going on for the eastern conference, that's when they finally took lead, and won the All Star game with a 2 point difference 122 over 120, mcgrady had the highest score of 36 yet it was lebron who brought home the MVP, yao ming's preformance was rather a dissapointment as he was pretty much outshined by Shaq...

it was a pity that i couldn't watch it live as i was working...but following the stats online can be really interesting as well...i was hoping for AI to bag the MVP again...but it doesn't really matter now, coz it's eastern conference who took the trophy back~~

Monday, February 20, 2006

:: fake ::

some people are fucking fake...
they will deny the fact that they are the ones whom suggested the idea in the first place...
then when is asked...
will act innocent as though we're stupid...
i hate fake people...
fake people deserves to die...

Friday, February 17, 2006

NBA ALL STAR 2006 Houston

West Team :

G - Kobe Bryant ( LA LAKERS )
G - Steve Nash ( PHOENIX SUNS )
F - Tim Duncan ( SAN ANTONIO SPURS )
F - Tracy Mcgrady ( HOUSTON ROCKETS )

East Team :

G - Allen Iverson ( PHILADELPHIA 76ers )
G - Dwyane Wade ( MIAMI HEAT )
C - Shaquille O' Neal (
F - Gilbert Arenas ( WASHINTON WIZARDS )

Thursday, February 16, 2006


i was sick yesterday...vomiting and vomiting non stop~
i had to leave work early..nearly puked in the car...had the urge to actually wind down the window..then puke while driving...come to think fo it..it's kinda cool~~
but i held on tightly to myself...until i arrived back at my apartment..finally lost control...puked at the trashbin beside the lift...there's a CCTV there..i wonder will they sue me for simply puking...
i went in the lift..wanted to puke again...waited till it reached 9th floor..then puke again...i small jogged to my unit..puke again at the next lift...then i took out my keys...rushed in...puke in the toilet..i was puking all over...gross~~~~
dor came back..brought me to the doctor..mediviron's been having too many branches around..i can see them everywhere...the docotr asked me what i had for dinner the night before..i can't remember...she smiled..then she told me the most shocking news i've ever heard this 2006..she's gonna give me an injection!!!
OH DEAR LORD...please save me..i pray queitly...but i think my god was sleeping at that time..that's why my poor butt was still injected...i limped...dor said there's something wrong with me mentally...

i'm still limping today...i hate injections~

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

.: Happy Valentine's Day :.

Happy Valentine's Day...to whom i love..
Happy Valentine's Day...may you always be happy..
Happy Valentine's Day...may my guardian angel stay aguard with you forever..
Happy Valentine's Day...let me love you till the end of time..
Happy Valentine's Day...let me bring you to the doctor when you're sick..
Happy Valentine's Day...let me tapao food for you when you're hungry..
Happy Valentine's Day...let me fetch you to where ever you wanna go..
Happy Valentine's Day...let me hold your hands while you're walking down the stairs..
Happy Valentine's Day...let me see you to sleep every night..
Happy Valentine's Day...let me scold you when you're being cheeky..
Happy Valentine's Day...let me laugh at your silliness..
Happy Valentine's Day...let me lend my shoulders to you to cry on when you're sad..
Happy Valentine's Day...let me me cry on your shoulders when i'm sad..
Happy Valentine's Day...let me sing for you even though my voice is not that good..

Happy Valentine's Day...my love~~

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

got milk?

photo shooting

went for photo shooting at Batu Caves on Thaipusam morning...nearly died there as the crowd was flooding all over the place...looking at all the prayers torturing themselves to cleanse away their sin..somehow it made me wonder...should i put myself through that too??As i admit i'm not a good person and i believe I've done many sins...i wonder hard again~~

in the evening..drove all the way down to Jenjarom for the photo shooting of FUA GUANG SI whereby the place was damn freakin' crowded by peeeps too..there's chinese new year celebration there with flowers and lantterns decoration, it is stunningly nice especially when night falls...took lotsa nice pics there...shall be sharing it once I've finished arranging it...

my bones were spliting apart that night...but i was happily contented...yawn~

Friday, February 10, 2006

i like this ad

i like this ad, and of coz..it's by yasmin ahmad again~~


Thursday, February 09, 2006

.: middle finger :.

i was greeted with a middle finger this morning by some dude...
i was at a traffic light junction at seksyen 17, it showed green, so i turn, yet there's a pajero blazing with speed turning in from my left hand side and nearly bang on my little cute reddy car...so i looked at the dude.....

in his over-tinted black windows, i can see his ah beng's gold chain blink blink, and the next thing i know within milli-seconds, he's bloody showing his middle finger...i was soooooo pissed off...and instantly, without thinking much, i showed mine too...and waited for him to react, i was lucky that he's in a hurry, coz he was stamping on his accelerator like petrol is really cheap...or else...he might go crazy and knock my precious little car with his over-sized pajero...

i was still soooo angry...that i honked at a motor cyclist who's turning out a corner like he's some kinda racer...madly i honked...i was just releasing my anger on him...sorry...may GOD bless one day he will fall from turning too diagonal and avoid being bang by a car...AMEN...

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

stinky skunk in da office

help me dear lord...
i have a stinky skunk in da office...
who doesn't realise he smells...
after so many peeps told him...
he still thinks he's cool...
save me...before i let this toxic gas kills me...

peeps who smell out there..there are plenty of ways to get rid of your smell
you can use deodorant...use fabric softener on your clothes...make sure you dry your clothes under the sun...eat clorets...use listerin...stop smoking...stop drinking...drink lotsa water...
* do i really need to list out everything??

Petronas CNY ad

- Petronas made the best chinese new year advertisement this year -

this is one of the advertisement that has touched me so deeply...i actually shed tears the first time i watched it...somehow..it's telling the truth...comparing it with the pervious CNY ad petronas did about the grandma and grandson..i just couldn't decide which is better...

this ad surrounds the scene of 4 AH MAs sitting and having a meal, 3 AH MAs were actually boosting about how great their children are...like earning to upteen amount a year..bla bla..big firm accountant...bla bla...

yet..you will realise there's one particular ah ma looking so impressive over their boosting...and she's just being very quiet until another ah ma asked her about her son...she has this contented and happy smile up her face saying that her son is fine...and her son will soon be here to fetch her for a trip...saying that her son often likes to bring her along wherever he goes...then it shows that the ah ma's son has came to pick her up...while she was waving to the other AH MAs, they have those kinda envious looks on their faces...

isn't this so true??that's how children treat their parents nowadays...it doesn't matter how much you earn or how successful you are...if you can't fulfill the most basic responsibility as a son/daughter to take care of your parents...you're just a failure in your life...as parents..they've never wanted much...at least to be there once in a while for them...

- i like this ad...and i hope it slapped many people's faces...so they will realise that they've actually been neglecting their parents all the while -

Monday, February 06, 2006


today's monday...after a long week of chinese new year's holiday
I'd have to actually drag myself to work...i miss uni days..i miss those uni days where i'll usually come up with lotsa reasons not to go to classes...especially early classes in the morning...

i wanna get a new job..i'm just sick and tired of the traffic jams here at phileo damansara...sigh~ anybody wants me??i wanna get outta here~~~i can't stand my boss too..he practically thinks that i'm a superman whereby he keeps on taking jobs in...i have only two hands...i need more...

i have no bonuses thus my new year is just mere visiting relatives..i didn't get to wear any new clothes...i wore the same ol' shirt i wore on last year's cny...my relatives all remains the same..except there are an increasing numbers of young infants and kids around...making my uncle's house looks like a jungle...i see kids running around..climbing up and down...there's one particular cousin of mine, i think he's only about 1 year old, whereby he found out that moving around with his entire body on the floor is faster than him walking, thus i get to see a snakelike figure moving around in the hall all the time...i'll have to be very careful while walking in the house as the entire floor has been dominated by their toys...

and one night...i just fell sick for no particular reason...my nose was like a hose which it just cannot stop flowing...took paracetamol and went straight to bed...and i had nightmares that night...it worsen my flu and when i woke up in the morning..my parents can hardly recognise my voice...luckily it slowly went away through out the day..phew~~

- now..i wish i'm sick -